November 23, 2017

OrangeVerse XX: Thanks Be to Me

The president talks to the military on Thanksgiving. I kid you not.

Better Me than You
Hello everybody and Happy Thanksgiving.
You're very very special
people to me and to
everybody in this country, 
that I can tell you...
We're going on live now,
and surrounding me
is a lot of press.
Better me than you, 
fellas, better me than you...

Giving Thanks
It's an honor to speak
with you all and
to give God thanks
for the blessings of freedom
and for the heroes who really have this 
tremendous courage that you do
to defend us and to defend freedom
so we want
to thank you all
very much,
very very special
people, like it
doesn't get more special.

Have You Seen My Colonel?
Representing the Army...
Colonel Toby and where is Toby?
Raise your hand Toby
where's Toby
Thank you Toby
 I hear so many good
things about you Toby
that's good news 
that Toby Magsig...

Everybody's Talkin' Bout Me (1)
I have to say just directly
to the folks in Afghanistan:
everybody's talking about the
progress you've made in the
last few months since I
opened it up. 
We opened it up we
said go ahead we're
gonna fight to win we're
not fighting anymore 
to just walk around we're
fighting to win and
you people are really
you've turned t around over
the last three to four months like
nobody's seen and 
They. Are.Talking.
about it so thank you very much.
Brave. Incredible. Fighters.

My Own Private Marine
Semper Fi. Semper Fi.
I have a great Marine
who's the chief of staff
as you know
John Kelly
doing an incredible job
just like any Marine would.

Everybody's Talkin' Bout Me (2) you and all the Marines
doing this great work 
in delivering defeat
after defeat to ISIS
what you're doing with ISIS 
is again, being talked about.
We're being talked about
again as an armed forces. 
We're really winning.
We know how to win.
But we have to
let you win.
We weren't 
letting you win before.
We were letting
 you play even.
We're letting
 you win.

The Power of Positivity
The fight against ISIS,
it's coming our way.
They're coming our way -
big, big difference.
A lot of things
 have happened.
They say
we've made more progress
against ISIS
than they did in years
of the previous administration.
And that's because
I'm letting you
do your job.
We're very very proud of you
and believe me
everyone in this country
is watching and they're seeing
and they're seeing positive reports
for a change instead of
the neutral and negative reports.
It's all positive

One Two Three Four What the Hell are You Fighting For?
For each of you I know
it's hard to be away
from home at this time of
the year. We're doing well at home
the economy is doing really great
when you come back
you're going to see
with the jobs and the companies
coming back into our country and the
stock market just hit a record high
unemployment's the lowest 
it's been in seventeen years so
you're fighting for
something real
for something good.
 A lot of things
 have happened with
our country over
the last very short
period of time
and they're really good,
 they're really good.
I especially like
saying that companies
are starting to come back.
Now we're working on tax cuts,
big fat beautiful tax cuts
and hopefully
we'll get that and then
you're really gonna see things happen.

In Closing
So as we give thanks
for this holiday I know
I speak on behalf of
all Americans when I say that
we totally support you - in fact
we love you, we really do
we love you and this is a 
Thanksgiving that you won't forget.
You're in a very different part
of the world than you
 were used to but boy,
you're doing a job there and
thank God for you, thank God for you.
We also want to
give thanks to your loved ones
our amazing military families. 
I know they miss you and 
they miss you so deeply
and so badly.
They're every bit as
important as everyone
else who you work with
because they put up 
with so much they put up
with the time away
and all of those things
that they have to endure and 
they endure it
because they love our country 
and because they love you 
and believe me
I know so much 
about military families...

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