November 14, 2017

This Stuff Taxes My Brain

My Congressman, Rep. John Katko (NY-24), has said the House tax plan, as it was introduced earlier this month, was a 'starting point for desperately needed action on tax reform' and also offered this:
For thirty years, progressives have demanded exactly what this bill does - easing of the tax burden on low and middle income working families and eliminating loopholes. Anyone who dismisses this bill outright should be prepared to explain this discrepancy, and detail why hardworking Americans should continue to be taxed at excessive rates. No bill is perfect,which is why we need to keep this process moving forward. As this measure moves through the House over the coming weeks, I will continue to consult with individuals, families, small businesses and manufacturers across my district and seek their feedback. As I always have, I will advocate in Congress to ensure that this measure is a net win for Central New York. 
As part of that consultation with constituents, those of us on the Congressman's email list received a survey on tax reform, which I've shared below.

1. When it comes to reforming our tax code, what is most important to you? 

Should the tax code be simplified? Sure. But does simplification mean lower taxes or higher taxes? Not necessarily - it means that the code should be simplified and loopholes should be closed. We may find, once that happens, that the code is sufficient. 

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