November 2, 2017

Quick Takes (v22):Fueling Rape Prevention

Quick Takes
Rick Perry is making news today, in ways that perhaps only he could.

Perry, who as a candidate for president back in 2012 famously forgot which government departments he would eliminate, is now in charge of one of them.  And it was in his role as Energy Secretary that he lit up the media with a comment about fossil fuels and rape prevention.

Seriously - take a look.

Now, as a Texan and as head of the Energy Department under Trump, I would expect him to be a full-bore fossil fuel supporter - heck, it's in both his DNA and his job description. But, as head of the Energy Department, he has to understand that there's more to energy than the stuff we bring up from the ground, right?

And he should understand that maybe it would be at least an option to consider renewables in Africa, instead of suggesting they import fossil fuels from the US? We're talking about people who are reading by the light of a fire, which suggests they probably don't have a boatload of money to spend on energy imports.

Heck, even the young girl who told him right to his face about not having "those fumes literally killing people" seems to understand this whole energy thing better than Perry.

Putting all of the crazy misguided energy stuff aside, though - do we really need to use rape, or even rape prevention, as a sales pitch - for anything - even something that's going to #MAGA?

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