Anywhere is everything else, including what happens in Washington DC, across the country, and around the world.

Maybe it's Congress fighting with the President, as we've seen for the past several years, or Congress fighting with the President, as we may very well see for the next several years; maybe it's Congress fighting with each other, Dems fighting Dems and Republicans fighting Republicans, we'll get to it here. Common keywords are WashingtonDemocrats, Republicans, and Congress.

Much of what's been posted about the incoming administration can be found using the keyword Transition or in posts titled Trump in Transition. I initially intended that theme to run only through the Inauguration, however I'm going to keep it as I move forward chronicling the adventures of the new Leader of the Free World.

Many of the people you'd expect to see are here; search for them by name, and if you don't find anything, drop me a comment and let me know who I've not been giving enough attention.