November 10, 2017

TGIF 11/10/17

Anyone else happy this week's coming to an end?  I know I am.

The change from Daylight Savings back to Eastern Standard time has made a mess of things, for sure. Compared to some, though, I had a pretty good week.

Louis CK probably is glad this one's over. His fall from grace was pretty spectacular, after five women came forward, four of them brave enough to give their names, and exposed CK for the horrible person he was.

And maybe is, for all we know.

At least he didn't run off to some really expensive, beautifully landscaped sex addiction clinic like Kevin "Is this a good time to come out?" Spacey and despicable Harvey Weinstein supposedly did. Because nothing says "I understand that being a powerful person doesn't give me the right to abuse, debase, and humiliate women" like pretending that you've got a sex addiction. (I'm confident they're receiving treatment here, because the link came from the Trump News Network and is the only network that is not #FakeNews.)

Voters in most states are probably glad this week is over, too, particularly if their candidates won. Or if they vote in a state with hotly contested races. We'll see more of those when we have Trump's midterm election, but for some this was probably plenty bad enough. The race for mayor here in my neck of the woods brought robocalls from NY pols, from Joe Biden, who has well-known ties to Syracuse, from Tom Perez, the head of the DNC, as well as appearances by DNC officials and mention of this race as a plug for the DNC's efforts at the local level.

Why? I have no idea; I look at our mayoral race as a local thing and one that doesn't have any national implications. The Dem candidate lost, by the way. I'm sure it won't be counted against the DNC , and there'll be enough basking in the afterglow from the more important races they did win to keep them busy.

Diverse candidates kicked butt across the country, which is a good thing -- especially in the age of Trump, where support and appreciation for ethnic and gender diversity is, well, limited.

This week also brought us the first anniversary of the president's bigly victorious victory - and I for one am happy he was traveling in Asia rather than, oh, I don't know -- going on national television and telling us how much #winning we are doing that's #MAGAing us from here to the moon and back. Or signing an Executive Order proclaiming himself to be the greatest president since Lincoln. Or some other worthy celebratory event.


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