April 10, 2019

Wondering on Wednesday (v169)

Let's get right into the wondering stuff, shall we?

For example, is anyone in Congress wondering about what was found in the World of Mueller according to Barr?  You know, Russian meddling in our election to favor one candidate over another? The disinformation campaign and social media influence? The hacking and Wikileaks stuff?

Or, are they only wondering about stuff they think they know, or the stuff they want to be there, like it was a witch hunt-slash-coup-slash-take down-slash-fill-in-the-blank? Or that the escalator-riding candidate obviously colluded and there's ample evidence of that?

And now that the AG has declared that the candidate favored by the Russians was spied on, he'll now undertake an investigation and to determine whether the spying was legitimately predicated or not. Which of course will lead to even more wondering, and posturing and partisan chest-thumping.

Another thing I'm wondering about is the request for the president's taxes. First of all, 99% of the people in the country won't have a clue what his taxes might reveal, so again we'll have to rely on the pesky 1% to tell us what we need to know/want to know/want to hear/don't want to hear. And how long will it take, pretending that the taxes will ever be turned over, to find what they think they know,  or the stuff they want to be there?

What else is on the slate for tonight?

Well, Bernie Sanders is still not a Democrat, but he is a millionaire, so there's that. In case you're wondering how he became a seven-figure guy, here's how:
I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire too. 
I wonder, is that what the folks who work in the private health insurance industry can do, when their jobs are gone in four years if the Sanders Medicare for All plan gets implemented?

We learned over the past few days that some of the parents who bought admission to college for their children were offered a chance to plead guilty, and several of them have decided to do so, including actress Felicity Huffman. The other set of parents, including actress Lori Loughlin have now been charged with money laundering, on top of the other charges they already faced. There could be jail time for both groups, although the expectation is that there'd be less for the guilty pleas than for the second group.

And I got to wondering, will this judge do what Paul Manafort's first judge did, and completely ignore the sentencing recommendation from the prosecutors and give very little jail time? Or, conversely, if a low sentence recommendation comes in, should the judge ignore that and totally throw the book at them? 

Any wondering which side I'm on here?


  1. I heard a rumor that Trump was going to replace DeVos with Lori Loughlin... Ha Ha...

  2. Yeah, good stuff there! So, what's your take on the investigations - good move? Bad move?