April 9, 2019

OrangeVerse XLI: Wonders of the World

It's been a while since I've shared any presidential poetry with you, and for that, I'm truly sorry. So - without further ado, here's some free verse -- so free, and so versey, you couldn't pay me to write this stuff myself. This all came from the president's remarks with his counterpart from Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

In and Within
It's a great honor to be with President Al
Sisi of Egypt. 
We have many things to discuss
as you can imagine: military, trade. 
And I have to say
a lot of progress has been made i 
a lot of different ways
in terms of terrorism and other things
in Egypt and withing Egypt. 
It's really incredible what's happened
especially in certain respects
that we've already talked about.  Again
we have very very important things
militarily, to talk about. Also about
trade. A big trading partner. 
We do a lot of work
together we work together.

Big Pointy Things
Before we perhaps take a 
couple of questions,
the First Lady was recently in Egypt. 
She was treated beautifully.
But maybe even more importantly,
what she saw
with the Pyramids was - 
you could call it the
seventh wonder or the eighth
wonder of the world. 
She thought it was incredible.
She thought it was one of the most
incredible things she's seen. 
And we have lots of pictures,
and that was a great day
and a great moment
to see the Pyramids -
the Great Pyramids.
So hopefully
a lot of people
will be going
and looking at them.
But she's not easily impressed;
she was very impressed.

Well, I never said I'm "cleaning house."
I don't know who came up with that expression.
We have a lot of great people over there.
We have bad laws...
And so we're fighting
the bad laws, the bad -- 
the bad things that are coming out of Congress. 
You have a Democratic Congress that's obstructing.
You talk about obstruction - 
the greatest obstruction anyone has ever seen.

Laws I Can Name
We have the worst laws of
any country anywhere in the world
whether it's 
catch and release
or any of them. 
I mean, I could name - 
I could sit here and name them
but if you got rid of 
catch and release
chain migration
visa lottery -
you have to fix
the asylum situation
it's ridiculous.

Don the Builder
So we are building
 a lot of wall
It's getting built.
Some of you saw that
last week
when we went -
we had a great presentation of a new stretch. 
But we're building
a lot of wall
and we're being
very strong
on the border.

Lie With Me...
...we're bucking
really bad things
with Congress - 
with the Democrats in Congress
not willing to act.
They want to have open borders
which means they want to have crime;
they want to have drugs
pouring into our country. 
They don't want to act...
They want open borders
They want to have millions
of people pouring
into our country. 

They don't even want to know
who they are.

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