April 19, 2019

TGIF 4/19/19

About the only person I know who's begging for Monday is Donald Trump.

Supposedly folks in the White House are hoping that by the time Monday rolls around, people will have tired of talking about what the Mueller Report really says, and will have tired of speculating on whether it's now smart - or possible, even - to actually believe a single thing the president says.

I doubt there's anyone who will ever again think that Sarah Sanders is telling the truth from behind the podium, no matter what day it is - so they don't care all that much. Her attempts to explain that she wasn't lying when she lied repeatedly about "countless" FBI agents,  that she was misspeaking, or heaven forbid, 'not acting like a Democrat' or some such nonsense,  were laughable.

Maybe the folks at Merriam-Webster are looking forward to Monday; it might take them that long to try and write new definitions for 'presidential' and 'exoneration' and 'total BS' and 'liar liar pants on fire' and who knows what else they'll think of to redefine while they're waiting to get back to work.

The folks at Fox News? Yeah, I don't even know what to say for them. But I will share this great link that hit my news feed a few minutes ago. Wouldn't it be fun if they'd start covering their current leader in a way that's remotely similar to how they covered that other guy, Barack Hussein Obama?  I think they could get that figured out before Monday, what about you?

William Barr, the Attorney General Trump's personal attorney, may hope that Monday never comes.  Sure, he's all full of bravado on doing an investigation of the investigation that shows us that the administration is a a swamp, full of swamp monsters, liars, and more, but if he thinks we now need to spend a few more million bucks trying to discount this investigation, well, he hasn't even scratched the surface on frustrated and angered.

That Barr is himself a liar, claiming in his puffery yesterday that President Clinton saw Ken Starr's report before it was made public.  That was easily proven to be false.

All of this nonsense aside, one good thing about Monday? Easter candy will be on sale.

TGIF, everyone.

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