December 5, 2017

Trump in Transition (v25)

So, Donald Trump continues to try and transition,which would be good, except for those times he seems hell-bent on going form being president to being, I don't know - maybe a bad carnival barker?

He's been barking, as it were, about suspended ABC investigative reporter Brian Ross, who reported incorrectly on breaking news about Mike Flynn. According to this report from CNN,  here's what happened, in a nutshell:
Ross had initially reported Friday morning that Flynn was prepared to testify that Donald Trump as a candidate had instructed him to reach out to the Russians. Ross said more than sever hours later on World News Tonight that his information was actually that Flynn was prepared to testify that Trump made the request as president-elect. On Saturday evening, ABC News said Ross had been suspended for four weeks without pay for what it termed the "serious error."
The stock market reacted to the news of Ross's report by temporarily dropping 350 points; by the end of the day, things were almost back to normal, and the market closed up 2.9%, the best showing all year.

So, here's the president's tweet from Sunday morning in response to ABC's reporting disaster:

Now, of course, there are many out there in Trump land who think the president is spot on - the network should be sued, because fake news, like elections, has consequences. Or something like that - I don't want to put words in any one's mouth.

But here's the thing: Remember when Trump slammed Macy's for dropping his clothing line after his racist remarks against Mexicans?

A presidential candidate calling for a boycott of an American company? Say it ain't so! And that wasn't all -- he tweeted bad! stuff about Macy's nearly three dozen times, a period during which the company's stock dropped 46% -- a proud moment for Trump, for sure -- he told us so!

People who lost money when Trump boycotted Macy's should consider hiring a lawyer, right? And so should all of those people who were slated to lose their jobs earlier this year, because the company is doing so badly after the Trumpeters boycotted and the president chose not to save their jobs? Yeah, they should sue, too. 

Lockheed dropped over a billion dollars in value on the basis of that tweet -- so I think they should consider suing, also - don 't you agree?

And Amazon shareholders?  That company dropped $5 billion  back in August, when the President tweeted about them, initially starting with a tweet about the Washington Post and fake news (WaPo is owned by Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos).

Get thee to an attorney, forthwith and post-haste! And hurry!

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