January 4, 2017

Wondering on Wednesday (v73)

Was the "intelligence briefing" related to "Russian hacking" delayed, or was it not scheduled until Friday? Was it "Russian hacking" or some other kind of hacking?  What does the "President-elect" "know" and when did he "know" it?

I'm wondering about that stuff, this Wednesday.

I'm also wondering about Jackie Evancho's album sales skyrocketing after it was announced that she's sing the national anthem at the "President-elect's" inauguration, and the "movement" that people don't understand. Perhaps it's the normal movement of Christmas-related albums in the days before Christmas, or in the days after a person appears on a Christmas special?  Or maybe it's the normal movement of none of the teen singer's records in the top album charts?

I'm wondering about the 10,000 people who are going to "lose their jobs" at Macy's when another 60 some-odd stores are closed, and I'm wondering if those "American workers" are going to have their jobs "saved" by the "President-elect" like the automotive workers and the air conditioner workers? Or don't their jobs "count" as part of the "movement" we hear about?

Or, will they rise up in a "movement" against Trump who referred to Macy's as disloyal and called their huge stock drop in 2015 "another win for Trump!" in a tweet about a year ago?

I wonder, if it's true that Macy's would not be closing the stores and putting all of these American workers out of a job if they had kept selling Trump ties?

And, of course I'm wondering about those "many enemies" and "those" other people who fought so hard against the "President-elect" and lost so badly. Do they know what to do, I wonder? Or are they still flailing around out there, trapped in the swirling "movement?"

And I'm wondering why it is that the "President-elect" refers to the number of electoral votes needed to win the election as the fabled 270?  It is not celebrated, renowned, famed, famous, well-known, legendary, storied, noted, notable, acclaimed, esteemed, prestigious, of repute, of high standing, or mythical or imaginary. legendary, mythological, fabulous, folkloric or fairy-tale.  It is, in fact, the required number of votes needed.

I'm also wondering what it was about Hillary Clinton's "close ties" to Putin that deserved scrutiny back in October, but why your own close ties and those of you, your family, your business, your previous campaign staff, and your nominees don't?

And what it is you find so fascinating about Vlad and his gang and their antics in the first place?

Finally, I wonder how I'll be able to stand it until JANUARY ELEVENTH when you hold your general news conference in N.Y.C.

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