January 31, 2017

OrangeVerse V: The ABC Interview (part 1)

President Trump did his first lame stream media interview with David Muir of ABC News last week, and as was expected, dropped a ton of free verse into my lap. Without further ado, here are some poetic excerpts from that session.

A Big Heart
They shouldn't be
very worried. They are
here illegally. They shouldn't be
very worried. I do have 
a big heart. 

We're going to 
take care of everybody. We're going to
have a very strong border. We're going to
have a very solid border. Where you have
great people that are here
that have done a good job they should be
far less worried.

Will They Be Allowed to Stay?
We're looking at it with great heart. Now
we have criminals that are here.
We have really bad people that are here.
Those people have to be worried cuz they're getting out.
We're gonna 
We're gonna
General Kelly Is.

I Said It
And I said it strongly because
what's going on with voter fraud
is horrible.
 number one.
Number two.
I would've won
the popular vote if
I was campaigning for
the popular vote. I would have
gone to California where I didn't go
at all. I would've gone to New York
where I didn't 
campaign at all.

I would've gone to
a couple places that 
I didn't go to.
And I would've won that
much easier...
it doesn't make any difference. So I
would've won very
very easily. But
it's a different form
of winning..
So, but...

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