January 12, 2017

OrangeVerse IV: The Press Conference

The President-elect held a press rally yesterday, in a flag-draped room at Trump Tower packed with Trump Organization employees, according to reports, who were there to clap.

Here, in verse, are his own words.

It's very familiar territory,
news conferences, 
because we used to give
them on an almost daily basis.

I think we
probably maybe won
the nomination
because of news conferences
and it's good to be with you.

A Blot.
I must say that I
want to thank a lot
of the news organizations here
today because they looked at
that nonsense
that was released

by maybe the intelligence agencies?
Who knows, but maybe the intelligence agencies...

Well, if -
If Putin likes Donald...
I consider that an asset,
not a liability, because
we have a horrible relationship

with Russia.
Russia can help us fight ISIS, 
which, by the way, 
is, number one tricky...

If Putin likes Donald...
guess what folks?
That's called an asset, 
not a liability.

Now, I don't know
that I'm gonna get along
with Vladimir Putin. I hope
I do. But there's a good chance

I won't. And if I don't
do you honestly believe
that Hilary
would be tougher
on Putin
than me?
Does anybody in this room
really believe that?
Give me a break.

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