December 11, 2017

OrangeVerse XXIII: Congratulations

Last Friday, the president spoke at the swearing in ceremony for his new Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen. She was previously chief of staff at DHS under then Secretary General John Kelly, who left that department to become Trump's chief of staff. Here's how the verse went down.
Well, this
is an honor. 
You've been with us
so long now. 
Anyway, I have no doubt.
And it's going to be incredible
what takes place.

I want to start
by thanking Elaine.
You've done so well
and we really appreciate it.
And I know 
you'll e here
for a long while and
working together
but this
is a very special occasion
because this
is an issue I ran on -- 
it's borders, it's 
homeland security.
And it's one of the
certainly important things.
I can't ever say
anything is the most important
because our military
is the most important
and lots of
other things.
But this is right here.
This is one of the
real big issues.

And I just want to
congratulate you on
such an important
day for our country.
The numbers have been
so incredible,
they're up to 78 percent.
if they used to have
a 1 percent or 2 percent number
they used to celebrate.
we're at 78 percent.
And it went down
a little bit because
a lot of people
aren't trying 
to come in so much
because they know
it's not easy.

But you're going to
take it to new levels.
We're going to 
get the wall.
I know you want
the wall.
We're going to 
get the wall.
If we don't
get the wall, 
then I got a lot
 of very unhappy people
starting with me.
We're going
to get the wall.
And we need it.
We need it 
for the drug flow,
we need it
for the people
coming into our country. 
And we want
to have great people 
coming into our country.
We want to have
a merit-based system.
We have to get
rid of chain
migration --
all of these things
we've been talking about.

And in addition
to the wall, we
 have to toughen
up the borders
even more. And we
have to toughen
up air travel too.
It's not 
just walls; 
it's lots of people
fly in and
they come in through
other means.

But I have
absolutely no doubt
you're going to be
so outstanding
And I'd like to
congratulate you
and I wanted to
be here
for the big moment.


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