December 16, 2017

OrangeVerse XXIV: Tell it to the Marines

Every once in awhile, the president leaves Washington and goes out among the people. Or, 'his' people - you know, the ones in the states that voted for him; he rarely goes anywhere he lost, as we know.  When he's out and about, he 'tells it on the mountain' about how great he is. In this case, he told it to the Marines.

What the Hell?
So they gave me this hat.
It says
Presidential Helicopter Squadron.
Would you wear it? 
No, no other president would do this
But I will because
I'm proud of you.
I'm proud of you.
What the hell. 
Oh you are nice..
You are - you mean
so you're the ones
taking care of my helicopter right?
I better be nice to you
I better be nice to you.

I'm Very Spoiled
I 've had many helicopters
you know I'm very spoiled
I've had helicopters.
And we ordered a couple
of big beautiful new ones
You know about that right?
They paid a lot more
than I would have paid
and I would have had them 
even better but
we won't talk about that.
They paid a lot of money.

My Own Private Marine
Well it is great to be here
surrounded the by the Marines.
You know I have a
four-star Marine.
We just had to get it right
so I picked a four star Marine.
Could have picked a lot of people
Everybody wants to be chief of staff right
But I had to go to the Marines.
Where's Kelly?
Where is he?
Where is he?
Come on over here Kelly.
Come here.
Four stars
Say hello.
Say hello.

There's Another One
In fact, I've been listening
and I have to tell you
it's true with General Kelly
but I have a lot of Marines...
Another one is a man named
Mad Dog Mattis, right?
They like him.
I love that name
I don't know if he likes it
actually. I've never
figured out if he likes
the name
but he really deserves
the name.

I let the do their job.
And I let the colonels and
the majors and the 
all of them - the captains
that's what they do. 
They graduate, 
they're smart they're tough
and they do their job...
Afghanistan is a tough place to win.
But we're winning. We just started winning. 
And I just want to thank
Secretary Mattis and I really
want to thank the 
United States Marines - really special people.
So you're fantastic people.

Dinner and a Movie?
We're working every day on your behalf
and together we are going to
make America stronger than ever before.
You know, I ran a campaign
and it was a very successful campaign
you might have heard about it - and
we won very easily. We won by - 
we had 306 Electoral College votes
to 223 or something like that. 
Remember they used to say
There is no way for Trump
to get to 270.
Remember? Over and over again.
That's called voter suppression.
If you believe that you might say
I love Trump but
I'm not going to waste my time
let's go see a movie
and we'll come home and 
watch the results tonight.
But everybody said
No I'm not going to a movie
we're going to vote
and they voted.

And we didn't get to 270
we got 306.
That's even better right?
So we had an amazing time
But I had an expression
that I think goes down
as the best of all time.
It was very simple.
Make America Great Again.
Make America Great Again.
And that's what
we're doing we're
Making America Great Again.
 And it's people like yourselves
that are doing it.
I am so impressed.

A Big Beautiful Kiss
So, again
I want to thank you all.
Say hello to you families.
Tell them the respect
I have for them because they have to 
put up with everything
so this can all happen.
They don't get
the credit they should get
you know, they don't get the - 
the families
never ever get the credit.
But they have done
 an incredible job in 
this kind of - when they
produce people like you.
So you go home
and you give your
families a big
beautiful kiss from the
president of the United States
because we're
proud of them and we're
really, really 
proud of you.

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