December 4, 2017

OrangeVerse XXII: A Present, Accounted For

Last week, the president went to Missouri, the Show Me state, and showed them who was who and what was what. Or something. 

If I sound confused, it might be the opening line of his appearance was "I told you that we would be saying Merry Christmas again, right?"  And about 40 minutes later, he finally got back to Christmas. And in the meantime, it's all poetry, right?

Taking the Roll
...Governor Greitens and
Attorney General Hawley who
-by the way Josh - where's Josh? 
Josh our next senator 
where is he?
Secretary Mnuchin...and
Linda McMahon
Everybody knows Administrator--
small business because a big
business under Linda.
...Sam Graves -- where's Sam?
You all here? Yeah...
Vicky Hartzler. 
Vicky, Thank you. Thank you,Vicky.
Billy Long... Billy, right?
Thank you Billy.
Blaine Luetkemeyer. Blaine,
thank you Blaine... 
Jason Smith
and Ann Wagner.
Thank you Jason Thank you Ann.
...I have two others.
I have a lot of faith in Faith, 
Sally Faith Where's Sally you mayor?
Hi Sally. Thanks Sally. And Eric
Schmitt. Thank you. Thank you Eric...

We Cannot Sit
We cannot sit
idly by and watch ourselves
in competition
to other countries as
they continue to take away
our jobs because their
tax codes are more
competitive and less burdensome
than ours. That's why
we must cut our taxes
reduce economic burdens
and restore
America's competitive edge
We're going
to do too
and it's already
happening. Look
what's happening with
our markets?
NutriMagicBulletAid Ain't Got Nothin on Me
Wait until you see what
finally comes out in what 
I call the mixer.
The beating heart of
our plan is a
tax cut for
working families.
That's what it is. We're
going to make sure that you keep
more of your hard
earned money. We're
going to make sure also
that you have a 
job that you want. You're
going to have a choice.
In education now
we have choice
Good word. Here
you're going to have 
a choice. You're not just
going to have one - 
you're going to have a choice
of many jobs.
People are moving
back into our country.
Together we will give
 the American people a
big beautiful Christmas present
And remember
I was the one - 
when  was here last time I said
we're going to have Christmas again.
I was the one that said
you go to the department stores
and you see "Happy New Years" 
and you see red
and you see snow
and you see 
all these things
you don't see
Merry Christmas
With Trump as your president
we are going to be 
celebrating Merry Christmas
again and it's going
to be done with

Elvis In Da House
Thank you
God bless you
Thank you.
Thank you 
Thank you 
very much.

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