August 12, 2017

OrangeVerse XIV: The Apprentice

The working vacation at Bedminster has been a goldmine for poetry lovers. Here's one exercise in free verse, on jobs and women and stuff. With Trump were Labor Secretary Rene Acosta, Secretary of (destroying) Education Betsy DeVos, and the First Daughter.  

This Stuff is Very Hard
Thank you...for joining us today.
And thank you 
all because we 
have been working
very hard on being sure that
Americans have the training
they need for
the jobs in the future.

I also want to thank Ivanka,
my daughter,
for her leadership
on workforce training
and her efforts.
You're working very
very hard
to create new economic opportunities
for women across America
and, actually
for women across the world.
You've been working with the 
Chancellor of Germany
on helping women all over the world.

Enormously Optimistic
In the past seven months
we've made enormous gains
in getting Americans
back to work.
The stock market is
at record highs
Unemployment is at a 16-year low
And manufacturers have never
expressed more optimism about the future.
The optimism
has been incredible.

Moving on Back
We have a lot of companies
moving back to our country.
You're probably seeing that.
Two major automobile companies
just announced they're moving back...
and they're going to build
major plants.
They're looking for the site.
They're putting it out
to seven or eight
different states
and they're going to be
very happy
building in the United States.
It's going
to work out
very well for them.

Who More Than Me?
That's why...
we began a historic initiative
to expand apprenticeships and
workforce training programs
in all industries. 
We're expanding
pathways to success.
So important.
And apprenticeships are one of the
many avenues that lead to the great jobs
completely debt free.
And who knows more about 
the work 'apprentice' 
than Donald Trump?

The Best Part of Waking Up
In fact, under the apprenticeship
you earn while you learn.
So important and so great.
And you love getting up
in the morning
and going to work
and a lot of great things
involved here.

Grab the Brass, er, Ring 
We're also here today
to discuss additional steps
we will be taking to
expand apprenticeship programs,
especially for women and minorities
in STEM fields where
women have been 
truly under-represented - really
I guess you could say
for many, many decades.

 You Go, Girls!
Technology has become a part
of nearly every industry
from manufacturing
to retailing.
And we want
all of our citizens
every single citizen
including women and minorities
to have access to 
high paying tech jobs and
other STEM related jobs.

You Are Aware, Right?
American workers are the best
there is anywhere in the world
and we're finding work for them.
They built the
skyscrapers of our cities
the roads and bridges
across our land
and we'll be building plenty of
new roads and bridges
by the way - 
the technology that has
revolutionized the glob
and so much more,
as you're well aware.

 I Like it on Top...
Their skills, talent and grit
have always put America on top.
And we're going to 
remain on top
at a much higher level
than we are right now.
And speaking of now
it is our job
to make sure that
they have the training
to lead us to the future.

And I Like it Down Low
We have
great, great hope
We have a
great, great future
in this country.
There's never been
more optimism.
And again, unemployment at
a 16-year low.

Any Questions?
So we're honored to have all of you.
Mr. Secretary, thank you
very much.
Betsy, thank you
very much.
We appreciate it.
And Ivanka,
congratulations on
so hard. 
We really do
appreciate it.
Thank you.
Any questions?

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