August 10, 2017

OrangeVerse XIII: Don The Builder

Quick -- you're the president and you have two minutes to speak at FEMA headquarters. GO!

Elaine Duke
I just want 
to congratulate
Acting Secretary - 
this is really a big - this
is a big position --
Elaine Duke.
A terrific person. 
She has done
an amazing job
for the Trump Administration
and everywhere
she preceded. 
So congratulations. This
is a very important
thing you're doing. 

I'm a Builder
We are very strong
on homeland security and
we are very strong
with respect to
is something that
I've been very much
involved in already.
We've had some things
during the last six months
including the highway
in Atlanta, 
where I have to say 
the Governor and all concerned
did a fantastic job
of rebuilding that stretch
of highway
that ended up burning

We found the reasons why
and it wasn't for a good reason. 
But nevertheless
they did it in record time.
I'm a builder
and I understand
they did it ahead of schedule
and under budget
and that was very nice
to see.

Elaine, Elaine
So I just -- 
we have many many things
like that.
We've already taken care
of many of the situations
that really needed
emergency funds.
We did it
We did it
We have an
incredible team.
And I just
want to thank, 
all of your people
and your representatives.
They have really
done a fantastic job.

Thank you
very much.
Thank you
very much,

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