August 5, 2017

Orangeverse XII: A Cabinet Full of Dishing

Sometimes you put the dishes in the cabinet, and sometimes you dish in the Cabinet. That's what the president did on Friday.

The First Meeting with The General
This is our first Cabinet meeting
with General Kelly.
He will be
Chief of Staff, 
as you know. 
We all know him, 
we respect him
admire what he's done.
And at Homeland
what he has done has been

The Border
...the border
was a tremendous problem
and they're close
to 80 percent
And even the President of Mexico
called me--

How Well We're Doing (i)
We have
the highest stock market
in history. 
We have a GDP
on Friday -- it got very little mention, 
although I guess
in the business areas it did. 
But it got, I think, very little mention.
2.6 is a number
that nobody thought they'd see
for a long period of time.

How Well We're Doing (ii)
Unemployment is
the lowest it's been
in 17 years.
Business enthusiasm is
about as high
as they've ever seen it. 
In fact, it is as high --
the highest point
in 27 years
according to
a certain graph and
a certain chart.

How Well We're Doing (iii)
The manufacturers are
--the enthusiasm level
is incredible.
We have a lot
of tremendous things
We have some
interesting situations
that we'll handle.
North Korea,
Middle East
lots of problems
that we inherited
previous administrations.

But we'll take care of them.
We'll take care of them
very well.

How Well We're Doing (iv)
But, overall, I
think we're doing 
incredibly well. 
The economy is doing 
incredibly well,
and many other things.

General Kelly Will Go Down
I predict that General Kelly
will go down,
in terms of the position of
Chief of Staff, 
one of the great ever.
And we're going to have a good time but, 
much more importantly
we're going to work hard

Make America Great Again
It's all about making
American great again.
That's what we're going to do
That's what i said.
That's how we won
this big election.
And that's what we're
in the process of doing
and continuing.

And General, it's really great
to have you on board, 
and thank you
very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you
very much

North Korea
Mr. president
what can you do
about North Korea?

We'll handle
North Korea.
We're going to
be able to handle them.
It will
be handled.

We handle everything
Thank you very much.

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