August 28, 2017

OrangeVerse XV: Pardon Me

President Trump defended his decision to pardon former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio in the middle of a time when, many believe, he should have been focused on Hurricane Harvey which had just made landfall in Texas.

Here's the question he was asked:
In the middle of Hurricane Harvey hitting on Friday night, you chose to pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I wonder if you could tell us what was behind your thinking for issuing the pardon for the Sheriff. And, as well, what do you say to your critics, even some in your own party, who say it was the wrong thing to do?
Trump laid out his defenses, in verse. Note that, in the middle of his statement (right after the 'Crazy' verse below), he recited a number of pardons made by other presidents: Clinton (Marc Rich, Susan Rosenberg, Carlos Vignali) and Obama (Chelsea Manning, Oscar Lopez Rivera), as if by comparison (always by comparison) he stands alone and above all others who have come before.

 Rating and Raving
a lot of people
think it was
the right thing
to do John.
And actually
in the middle of a
even though it was a
Friday evening, 
I assumed the ratings
would be far higher
than they would normally be.

You know
the hurricane was just starting
and I put it out there
that I had pardoned,
as we say,
Sheriff Joe.

Why, You Ask?
done a great job
for the people of
very strong
on borders
very strong
on illegal immigration.
is loved
in Arizona.

Fairly Unfairly
I thought
he was treated
unbelievable unfairly
when they came down
with their big decision
to go get him
right before the election
voting started, 
as you know.

And he lost
in a fairly close
He would have won
the election,
but they just 
hammered him just
before the election.

I thought
that was a
very unfair thing
to do.

When I
mentioned him
the other night - 
(you saw the
massive crowd we had.)
The people went
when I said
What do you think
of Sheriff Joe?
or something
to that effect.
The place went
when I 
was in Arizona
last week.

Sheriff Joe
Sheriff Joe
is a patriot.
Sheriff Joe
loves our country
Sheriff Joe
protected our borders and
Sheriff Joe
was very
unfairly treated
by the Obama administration
right before 
an election
an election
that he would
have won.
And he
was elected
many times.

So I stand by my pardon of
Sheriff Joe
and I think
the people of Arizona
who really know him best
would agree
with me.
Thank you
very much.

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