December 3, 2014

Wondering on Wednesday (v13)

In no particular order, I'm wondering, on Wednesday:

Could there have been any attorney to take on Bill Cosby, other than Gloria Allred? We know of Allred locally; she's representing Bobby Davis and Michael Lang in their defamation case against SU's Jim Boeheim. The case, you remember, stems from comments Boeheim made in a post-game press conference about the allegations made by the two men against Boeheim's former assistant, Bernie Fine. Not sure what she'll offer as 'options' in that case, but the options she presented to Bill Cosby are gutsy if nothing else: set aside $100 million and let a panel of retired judges entertain accusations from all comers and decide which have merit, or waive the statute of limitations and face all of his accusers in court.  Hell of a choice.

And speaking of choices, the Round Mound of Rebound, Charles Barkley, chose to speak out about blacks and whites and the Ferguson grand jury decision (he agreed with it), and has taken a beating worse than any he took during his playing days in the NBA as a result. Barkley is not shy, and got started most recently on this topic of conversation back in October in reference to Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback who may not be 'black enough' for his teammates.  Enter Barkley, noting that "when you're black you  have to deal with so much crap in your life from other black people" and he hasn't stopped since. I don't understand why blacks can't say this about other blacks without getting into trouble?

Something else I don't understand is why every celebration in New York City has to include Mariah Carey? I get that we have to have the Rockettes, but we could do without Carey, who if tonight's live performance was any indication, is barely able to sing any more.

One more note on singers. It was announced earlier this week that Billy Joel will be making his seventh appearance at the Carrier Dome in March.  I'm wondering, does this makes him our artist in residence? And, more importantly, does it mean that we'll start having concerts again in The Loud House?

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