May 15, 2019

Wondering on Wednesday (v172)

It's almost too easy this week to wonder about stuff.

For example:

I wonder (but only for the briefest of seconds, because I know the answer already) whether we'd be having any conversation at all about fetal heartbeats and 'personhood' if men were the ones who got pregnant? Or about limiting access to any kind of medical care, including contraception?

Seriously: if men had periods, free tampon dispensers would be on every corner in America, bar none. Probably two or three on every corner in Alabama and Georgia. And birth control? They'd write a law that the costs are 200% reimbursable, without needing a single receipt.

And I wonder what will happen when the first person claims a pre-born person as a dependent on their taxes?  Will 'personhood' still be the rule, or will only post-birth personhood matter then?

Or, what about this: If Joe Biden was not leading in the meaningless early 2020 polls, I wonder if Donald Trump would be worrying about what did or didn't happen in Ukraine back in the day?  And what happens to the next person who takes the lead in the polls? Will we see another mysterious Rudy Giuliani travel itinerary and related interviews?

And, I wonder, why hasn't Giuliani been required to register as a foreign lobbyist?

And isn't it funny that this president, having just come from a two-year HOAX! Witch Hunt! investigation about Russia interfering in our elections (which did happen - everyone knows that, including Snitty Snitty Bill Barr, Robert Mueller, the entire US Congress, the entire United States intelligence and justice communities and even the 400-pound guy in the basement) would immediately consider asking a foreign government to interfere in our next election?

How can we do anything but wonder what the hell is wrong with him and with every single person in his administration who either didn't try to stop him, or tried, failed, and continues to work for him?

And what the heck is up with Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, actively telling an American citizen to ignore a subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee? Has he lost his mind?  Can we sink any lower, I wonder? (Don't answer that...)

Here's one I got in my inbox today: three Florida radio stations will be broadcasting clips of Trump speeches. At least once. Maybe twice. Every hour. Every day. Until the 2020 election.

Now, the article I linked above says the stations will meet all FCC requirements and offer the same opportunity to any Democratic candidates who ask for equal time, so I'm not going to wonder about that.

But what I am wondering is, how long will it take for every single Democratic candidate - all 22 of them - to request free air time?  It shouldn't take longer than a NY minute if you ask me.

It wouldn't even matter if they all ran exactly the same ad, or better yet, if they all played other clips,  from Trump's speeches and tweets - you know, the ones about Judge Curiel, or the shit hole countries, the attacks on John McCain, his slamming of the Khan family --  and who could forget the Access Hollywood tape? Or maybe talking about all of the lawsuits, all of the failed businesses, about Mexico paying for the wall -- I mean, this stuff is a gold mine!

That would make for great political theater - and it would all be free! And remember: At least once. Maybe twice. Every hour. Every day. Until the 2020 election.

And even that Sanders fella, who is still not a Democrat, should ask for free air time, too.


  1. Not free - but rather "pre-paid"

  2. Hey J -- in this case, the stations have decided to run the Trump speeches on their own, not at his request, to prop up the people who were harmed by the hurricane. If that's the case, they'd have to run the Dem ads for free as well, I believe. The campaigns have to be treated equally to be treated fairly...