May 25, 2019

Poll Watch: Dump Trump

Who would have thunk that, at this stage of the most successful presidency since sliced bread, a pretty decent majority of voters believe it's time we had a different person sitting in the Oval Office.

Strange as that must seem from the president's perspective, that's the case, at least in a recent poll by Monmouth University, which was discussed in this article.
A new poll finds that a strong majority of voters believes that president Trump does not deserve a second term in office. A Monmouth University survey released Wednesday found that only 37% of voters believe Trump should be reelected, while 60% said they think it's time to have someone new in the White House. 
Monmouth has been asking this question since November, and this is the highest percentage of voters saying enough, already.

The survey also shows that Trump's approval rating is 40% positive, which is on the low end of the scale (40 - 44%) for this poll over the past year, while his 52% negative rating is on the upper end of the 46 - 54% range during the same time period.

As expected, Republicans still are holding him in high esteem (86% approval rating), but only 37% of Independents view him favorably, with 50% having an unfavorable opinion of him.

So, what else did this poll show us?

First, the small print: the poll was conducted over the phone 5/16 - 5/20 by the Monmouth University Polling Institute, and included 802 adults in the US. It has an error rate of +/- 3.5%.

OK  -- on to more of the results:.
  • We don't approve of Congress, not by a long shot: 71% disapprove, and only 20% approve. If I had to guess, I'm thinking the 20% are fans of Mitch McConnell's amazing push to seat out of touch conservative judges. That disapprove score is up 9% from the April survey. And for reference, the lowest the disapprove score has been in two years? 59%. Shame on us for electing these folks. 
  • For the 21st consecutive time this question's been asked, going back to July 2013, we believe  by a net +34, that the country is headed in the wrong direction (63% say wrong, only 29% say right).
  • While we want Trump out of the Oval, we prefer to vote him out (or drive him out, I guess could be an option) but only 39% want him impeached, vs. 56% who don't.
There were questions about the Mueller report and some of the key players; here's how that shook out.
  • More people think Congress should move on (52%) than think Congress should continue investigating Trump (41%); there's a 2% uptick though, in the percentage thinking more is more compared to last month. 
  • 69% (up from 60% the prior month) think Congress deserves to see a complete report, including unredacted underlying evidence. 
  • 54% want Mueller himself to testify in an open hearing; 14% say only in a private hearing, and 20% say he shouldn't testify at all.
  • Don McGahn, the former White House counsel, was the most-referenced witness in the Mueller Report. 12% say they've heard a lot about the info McGahn provided, with 45% saying they've heard a little - but 43% say they've heard nothing at all about what he said. 
  • Those are interesting numbers, especially when you look at opinions on whether he should appear before Congress (he's been subpoenaed, but has refused to appear, at Trump's request). 51% think McGahn should testify publicly before Congress, 10% say he should testify privately, and again, 20% say he shouldn't appear at all. 
  • Closing out this section, if McGahn were to testify, 52% think it's at least somewhat likely that we'll learn more than what he told Mueller.
And finally, the survey looked at opinions on Russia's interference in our two most recent elections:
  • 44% think that they definitely interfered in 2016; in total, 73% think it's at least probable that they did. And, 68% believe the Russian interference did at least a little damage to our democracy, with 49% saying it caused a lot of damage. 
  • Regarding the 2018 midterms, 57% think it was at least probably that they interfered again, with 21% saying they definitely did. 
  • And, 60% believe that we are not doing enough to stop them from interfering again. 3% believe the Russians aren't interfering at all. 
What are your thoughts on the results of this poll? Are you in touch with the rest of us, whoever we are? 

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