May 7, 2018

Playing Catch-up

One week. I go on vacation for one week, and all heck breaks loose.  Here are just a few examples, in no particular order.

Kanye West, who once famously declared that George W. Bush didn't like black people suggested that slavery could be a choice, which is of course consistent with a theme in certain quarters in this day and age.You know what I'm talking about, right? That "Democratic politicians have 'enslaved' blacks, by providing cradle-to-grave programs which discourage the recipients from ever doing anything/becoming anything/earning anything on their own" and in return these folks will always and forever vote for Dems.

Many people were appalled at his comments, but Donald Trump ran off to the NRA leadership meeting in Dallas to let them know that, as a result of West's comments, Trump's numbers with African Americans had doubled -- doubled! -- in one week. I'm trying to picture the NRA crowd giving a rat's patoot about Kanye West and what he thinks, but I'm not having any luck with that, even though they did cheer the news about the rising poll numbers, almost as loudly as they did when Trump read the Dallas phone book. (OK, I made that part up. but the crown loudly embraced or disparaged on cue along with the president's wishes.)

John McCain has apparently suggested that President Trump would not be welcome at his funeral. I'm sure other losers (those who were captured, among others) don't want Trump at their funerals, either. In fact, the number of people who wouldn't want Trump to attend their funerals is probably a much bigger number than the number who would want him to attend. I have specific instructions to make sure a certain person doesn't attend my Mom's funeral, so I get why McCain can not only feel this way, but make sure that his wishes were well known. I think, though, that I'd have Melania attend, instead of Mike Pence. She'd almost have to be a better guest, and she seemed to have a genuinely nice time (in the best possible way, I mean) representing the White House at Barbara Bush's service last month. 

Someone thought it was a good idea for Rudy Giuliani to join Trump's ever-changing legal team. I'm not sure whether that person is an idiot or a genius, given Rudy's comments that seem to have made things worse for Trump instead of better, whether it was about the Stormy Daniels thing, or the Russia thing or the James Comey thing. Or any of the things which he said in a subsequent interview.  I don't know who's paying Rudy - could be Michael Cohen, the 'fixer' who takes care of problems for the president. It could be the president himself, or his company, or his campaign committee, but I wonder how long whoever it is would be willing to continue the payments.

There was more -- I'm still going through my news feeds -- but it was crazy week indeed.

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