May 24, 2018

Trump in Transition (v29)

I don't think people should be staying in locker rooms 
but I still think it's good, 
you have to stand proudly for the national anthem.
 Or you shouldn't be playing, you shouldn't be there

What the everloving hell is that? Maybe you shouldn't be in the country if you don't want to "stand proudly" for the national anthem?  

If that's the case, probably at least 10% of the people at every NFL game shouldn't be in the country, because they're already bombed by the time the anthem starts, and unable to execute any kind of stand, much less a respectful one. 

If that's the case, 99% of the people who watch NFL games in bars shouldn't be in the country, because you and I both know that they are not standing respectfully - or at all - during the national anthem.

The people who ignore the national anthem while watching games at home, racing to the bathroom before the game starts, yelling for more wings and beer? Yeah, they too don't belong in the country.

If that's the case, probably 75% of the people working at any stadium -- ticket takers, food vendors, housekeeping staff and the like, probably should be in the country - because they're not stopping doing their jobs during the national anthem. 

And let's define proudly, shall we?  Does that preclude gum chewing? Hacking and spitting? Scratching? Talking? Nervous footwork? Shoulder-pad slamming?  Hopping up and down in the cold? Those folks don't belong in the country, either, I wouldn't think. 

Rich white guys hanging around the 19th hole - do you think they take of their little golf caps and stand at attention?  Let's get them out of here, too -- no white privilege for them, no sirree.

And don't even get me started on anthem singers.

So, let's recap. Protesting, talking, eating, making money, being in the loo, flirting in a bar, yelling at your kids in your man cave, chewing gum, trying to stay warm, pouring beer, cleaning urinals, emptying trash, rich white country club guys-- all of those people don't belong in the country.


What the president failed to mention was, do we have to leave for good? Or do we only leave on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays? Or is it only when when our favorite team is playing? 

What the everloving hell is that?

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