May 9, 2018

Wondering on Wednesday (v132)

What's on the "hmmm...." list tonight?

Three Americans were brought home from North Korea tonight, and the president deserves credit for making it happen. He may or may not have said anything directly to anyone to make it happen, but it was Mike Pompeo, Trump's Secretary of State, who brought them home. I wonder, will he get any credit for this from the left, or will Fox News be alone in their adulation of the president for this accomplishment?

Staying in the same vein, I had seen it suggested a couple of weeks ago that Trump was deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, and that some Republican Congressman was kicking off the process to get his name into the mix. Now, I agree that progress has been made with North Korea, and that if there is an agreement to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, that would be a significant achievement. Trump showed us just this week, a negotiated agreement is only, well, it's only an agreement until someone decides to tear it up, so the talk of the Nobel Prize may very well be premature - no wondering there.

But what I am wondering is, who was the reporter today who asked the president if he thought he deserved the Nobel Prize? And what possible answer was expected? I wonder if it was the one Trump gave?
Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it... The prize I want is victory for the world. Not even for here -- I want victory for the world, 'cuz that's what we're talking about. So that's the only prize I want.
Ah, yes. The only prize he wants. Well, that and Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA director, since Ronny Jackson didn't make it to the finish line as head of the VA.

Haspel will probably happen, even though Rand Paul is a no, and John McCain is urging others to be  no votes too.  Joe Manchin, the West Virginia senator who has said he's a yes, is hardly a surprise - he votes with the Rs quite a bit, it seems.

And speaking of West Virginia, I kinda wonder how the state - and the country - dodged the bullet when the delightful Don Blankenship (China people, Cocaine Mitch, etc. etc. etc.) finished last in the Republican primary to take on Manchin in the fall?

Even more than that, I wonder who made the Mitch McConnell 'Narcos' meme, and what more they'll have to offer?

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