May 28, 2018

Happy (Look at ME!) Memorial Day!

Are you flipping kidding me? "Happy Memorial Day!"

First of all, the exclamation point? Yeah, that's just asinine. Memorial Day is not a day for exclamation points. I mean, do you think somehow that this is "Yippee!  Let's Celebrate Deceased Soldiers Day!" or something? Well, it's not. It's nothing like that at all, even if that's what your Fox and Friends people were talking about this morning.

The approximately 1.3M Americans of every race, color, creed, socio-economic background, education level and strength of patriotism who died in combat defending your right to be a total ass would more likely be appalled than happy about your entirely self-serving remarks above, if they were fortunate enough to be alive.. 

Many - no, I'd guess many more than many - would be shocked, not "very happy." 
  • They'd be shocked at the way you treat Americans, singling them out for special bullying based on their names. 
  • They'd be shocked at the way you treat a hero like John McCain, and at the way you treated a Gold Star family. 
  • They'd be shocked to hear you say there are good people on both sides of a white supremacist rally. 
  • They'd be shocked at the way you treat everything they fought for.
  • They'd be shocked at the way you treat our allies, the people with whom Americans fought,  and died. 
They'd probably be worried about what on earth happened here in America that led to a man like you getting elected. 

And they'd probably wish you had as much class as this guy.

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