April 27, 2018

TGIF 4/27/18

A good week for some, a not-so-good week for others. Let's take a look...

Bill Cosby had a bad week. Well, no -- he had a *really* bad week.
"America's dad" was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, in an incident that dates back to 2004. He faces up 30 years in prison, although it's extremely unlikely he'll be sentenced to that much time, if he even gets sentenced at all. His attorneys have promised to appeal vigorously. The closing remarks by Cosby's defense team were quite explosive, including a comment about former model Janice Dickinson that literally took my breath away.

Rear Admiral and presidential MD Ronny Lynn Jackson had a bad week, or maybe in the end, he had a good week, I'm not quite sure. Jackson, you'll recall, was president Trump's best choice to run the Veterans Administration after David Shulkin's tenure came to an end. Jackson, like many of Trump's picks for roles in the Administration, seemed unqualified from the beginning, and then it seemed like he was both unqualified and dangerous, as accusations came in about him drinking on the job, over-prescribing opioids, and some mysterious drunk driving accident.  And, we were told, it was veterans who were complaining about him. Trump suggested that Jackson should resign because no one should have to deal with this crap, and that's what happened.

Kim Jung Un had a good week. He was called 'honorable' by the president of the United States, he got to get attention on the world stage for (at least temporarily) ending his nuke and ICBM tests, and he got to go South on vacation to meet with President Moon and make happy talk about peace on the Korean Peninsula.

Trump himself had a week. He called in to Fox & Friends to talk about how he won the 2016 election, and beat Hillary, and got 306 Electoral College votes (how he gets that wrong every time I don't understand); he talked about his Fixer, Michael Cohen, and might have made a mess of everything in that; he babbled on so badly that even the hosts on that show were disgusted and couldn't get him to shut up. Oh - and he said that he had only gotten Melania a nice card for her birthday, because he was too busy. Playing golf and talking to Fox & Friends and tweeting his brains out, I guess.

But Melania, she had a good week.  She successfully planned and executed the Administration's first State Dinner for the President of France, and from all the reports I've seen, it went off without a hitch. And she did it without calling attention to herself for anything other than doing a good job being First Lady.  Her husband could learn a thing or two from her, don't you think?


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