April 18, 2018

Wondering on Wednesday (v130)

Of course I am wondering, this Wednesday, as usual. Aren't you?

I wonder why why James Comey thought it necessary to come out with a book so soon? I asked the same question, perhaps not out loud, about Hillary Clinton. I'm not sure either of them gave themselves, or particularly in Hillary's case, gave us, enough time for introspection, for reflection, and contemplation. Not only that, but they both provided a ton of cannon fodder for their detractors, between the hasty publications and the book tours and the public comments which are still salt in the wounds.

Time heals all wounds, they say - and some other 'they say' said that time wounds all heels. I hope that's not the case for Comey. I think his story is important, but I'm not sure whether taking a very short 10 months to go from the frying pan into the fire is helpful.

Anyone else been wondering about Jared and Ivanka?  Where they heck are they, anyway?

Remember Kansan Kris Kobach, the guy who's been feeding Trump's voter fraud addiction all this time? The guy who get the president to start a voter protection commission and who was the cause of that group shutting down after he asked for information that many states cannot legally provide about their voters?  Yeah, that guy, he was just found in contempt of court by a federal judge.

Why, you ask? For enforcing a restrictive voter registration law while there's an injunction to determine whether the law is even legal. For disregarding the court's order not to do that. For failing to notify voters of upcoming changes. For failing to properly train election inspectors. And he wants to be governor.  And he's considered a front runner. And I wonder, how does none of this matter?

I wonder how it is that Kendrick Lamar has won a Pulitzer Prize for his rap lyrics, but the president has not won for his OrangeVerse? Now, don't jump all over me -- I know nothing about rap, and I'm not a fan to be honest, but I am certainly not gong to second-guess the Pulitzer judges, who noted this about Lamar's work:
Damn. is complex, rich, full of surprise and invention. Sonically it's highly sophisticated and original. It brings together melody, harmony, counterpoint, texture - all those elements, in a fresh way. And lyrically, it's very powerful.
Couldn't, I wonder, the president's own words be so richly complemented?

And finally, speaking of the president's words, I offer this wonder-full addition to Trump catalogue: that, without him, the Seoul Olympics would have been a failure.

Is that because he stayed home, making sure that he would not be booed on the international stage? Or was it sending Mike Pence, he of the steely gaze, or Ivanka, she of the multiple parkas, that made the Games a success? 

I wonder.  

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