January 8, 2018

OrangeVerse XXVII: Mar-a-Lago Musings (pt 3)

When we last left the president musing away with NY Times reporter Michael Schmidt, he had was just getting warmed up talking about Obamacare. You can read part 1 and part 2 if you want to get up to speed before diving in to this last part. Let's pick the verse up again.

Good News!
Now here's the good news.
We've created associations,
millions of people are 
joining associations.
That were formerly
in Obamacare or 
didn't have insurance.
That's gonna be a big bill, 
you watch. 
It could be as
high as
50 percent
of the people.

Then they talked about him working with Democrats in Congress.

Sailing the Bipartisanship
But the Democrats
should come to a
bipartisan bill.
And we can fix it.
We can fix it...
We can make a 
great health care plan
through bipartisanship. 
We can do a
great infrastructure plan
through bipartisanship.
And we can do on
immigration, and
DACA in particular,
we can do something
that's terrific
through bipartisanship.

Schmidt wondered if Trump was moving towards the center, something he hadn't done before. And immigration - there's always room for immigration.

Centered, Schmentered
No. I'm not being centered. 
I'm just being practical.
No. I don't think I'm changing.
Look, I wouldn't do a DACA
plan without a wall. 
Because we need it.
We see the drugs
pouring into the country.

Chain, Chain, Chain
I'm always moving
I'm moving in both directions.
We have to get rid
of chainlike immigration
we have to get rid of the chain.
The chain
is the last guy that killed...
the last guy that killed
the eight people.
So badly wounded people.
Twenty two people
came in through
chain migration.
Chain migration
and the lottery system.
They have a lottery
in these countries
They take the worst people
in the country, 
they put them into the lottery
then they have a handful
of bad, worse ones, 
and they put them out.

"Put them out" indeed. So, wanna talk about China and North Korea?

China. China. China
Yeah, China...
China's been...
I like very much
President Xi.
He treated me better
than anybody's ever been treated
in the history of China. 
You know that.
The presentations...
One of the great two days
of anybody's life and memory 
having to do with China.
China's hurting us very badly
on trade, but I have been soft  on China
because the only thing
more important to me than trade
is war. OK?

Fox News
I'm disappointed. 
You know that they
found oil going into... 
It was very recently. 
In fact, I hate to say
it was reported
this morning,
and it was reported
on Fox News.
Oil is going into North Korea.
Oil is going into North Korea.
So I'm not happy about it.

And speaking of news...
It's Social Media, Stupid
And, by the way, it's not a tweet.
It's social media
and it gets out in the world
and the reason I do well
is that I can be treated
unfairly and very dishonestly
by CNN, and you know, I have
what do I have now, John
158 million
including Facebook
including Twitter,
including Instagram
including every form
I have 158 million people. 
Reporting just this morning
they said 158 million.
So if they do a story
that's false, I can do something
otherwise, Andy, otherwise you 
just sort of walk around saying
what can I do?
What, am I going to 
have a press conference
every time somebody,
every time Michael
writes something wrong?

And finally, we'll end with #winning, which is the only way to go out, right?

Please, Please...
We're going to
win another four years
for a lot of reasons,
most importantly
because our country
is starting to do well
again and we're
being respected
again. But 
another reason that
I'm going to 
win another four years
is because newspapers, television, 
all forms of media will tank
if I'm not there
because without me
their ratings are going
down the tubes.
Without me
the failing New York Times
will indeed be not
the failing New York Times 
but the failed New York Times.
So they basically have to let me win.
And eventually
probably six months
before the election,
they'll be loving me
because they're saying
 Please, please don't lose
Donald Trump.

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