January 1, 2018

OrangeVerse XXV: Mar-a-Lago Musings (pt 1)

The president had a chat with Michael S. Schmidt, a NY Times reporter, last week in the Grill Room at Mar-a-Lago, one of the president's business ventures.

In the interview, the president was unattended - no staff members, none of His Generals, none of his family members - in effect, no one who would put a restraining hand on his arm in case he went off on a tangent or something. Which is probably a good thing, because we were able to capture some interesting, if fractured, poetry.

Let us begin where the interview did -- with the president talking about Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, who eternally irked the president by recusing himself from the Russia investigation. And how the investigation is strengthening his base.

My Base
My base is stronger
than it's ever been.
Great Congressmen,
in particular, some
of the Congressmen
have been unbelievable
in pointing out
what a witch hunt
the whole thing is
So, I think
it's proven there is
no collusion.

There was more conversation on how Trump won, on the Russia investigation, and no collusion, and Democratic collusion, and Clinton emails and John Podesta and no collusion (did I say there was no collusion?)

I Don't Know Him
He's been amazing.
And he's a liberal Democrat
I don't know him.
He's a liberal Democrat.
I watched Alan Dershowitz 
the other day he said, 
No.1, there is no collusion.
No. 2, collusion is not a crime
but even if there was a crime
there was no collusion.
And he said that
very strongly.
He said there was
no collusion. 
And he has studied
this thing
very closely.
I've seen him 
a number of times.
There is no collusion,
and even if there was
it's not a crime. 
But there's no collusion.

They talked some more about winning, and the Electoral College, and Russia, and collusion, and how the whole thing that didn't occur is a sham to make up for losing the election, and loyalty. And then the topic turned to bipartisanship.

So...we started taxes.
And we don't hear 
from the Democrats.
You know we hear
bullshit from 
the Democrats. 
Like Joe Manchin.
Joe's a nice guy...
But he talks.
But he doesn't 
do anything.
He doesn't do.

Well, alrighty then!

There's more, a LOT more, in the interview, which we'll get to later on. They covered a lot of ground, on taxes, and health insurance, and immigration.  And winning, for there's always winning. 

Get ready for a  rollicking good time in 2018 - and beyond!

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