January 2, 2018

OrangeVerse XXVI: Mar-a-Lago Musings (pt 2)

When we left the president and Michael S. Schmidt, the NY Times reporter, chatting in the Grill Room as Trump's private club, the president had just declared that West Virginia's Joe Manchin was all talk, no do.

As we pick up, the conversation has moved past West Virginia (the president saved coal, he created jobs...) and on to being the head of the Republican party.

President Strangelove
I was for Strange
and I brought Strange
up 20 points. 
Just so you understand.
When I endorsed him
he was in fifth place.
He went way up.
Almost 20 points.
But he fell
a little short. 
But I knew
what I was doing.
Because I thought that
... If you look at my rhetoric
I said the problem with Roy Moore
is that he will lose the election.
I called it.
But as the head of the party
I have a choice: 
Do I endorse him or not?
I don't know.
I feel that I have to
endorse Republicans
as the head of the party.
So I endorsed him.
It became a much closer race
because of my

In case it wasn't clear that Roy Moore is a loser and Trump is a winner, he hammered the point home again.

The Problem is You Got it Wrong,... I Said
The problem with Roy Moore
and I said this
is that he's going to lose
the election. I hope
you can straighten that out. 
Luther Strange was brought way up
after my endorsement
and he almost won. But. ...Almost won...
He lost by 7 points, 7 or 8 points
And he was way behind.
Because of two things, 
you know, what happened...
But I never thought Roy
was going to win the election
but I felt...I never thought Roy
was going to win the election
but I felt... And I said that very clearly. 
And I wish you would cover that
because frankly, I said
If Luther doesn't win Roy
is going to lose the election.

And then, he tackled Ronald Reagan - and won.

Ronald Reagan Couldn't
Ronald Reagan
wanted to take deductibility away
from states.
Ronald Reagan
years ago, and
he couldn't do it.
Because New York
had a very powerful group of people.
Which they don't have today.
Today, they don't have
the same representatives.
You know, in those days
they had Lew Rudin and me...
I fought like hell for that.
They had a lot
of very good guys.

And then, there was more winning, can you stand it?

I'm More Bigly than Reagan
But, just so you understand,
Ronald Reagan
wanted to take 
deductibility away
and he was unable
to do it. 
Ronald Reagan
wanted to have 
ANWR approved
40 years ago
and he was unable
to do it. 

There's more winning, I've got to tell you. And more bigly stuff than you can even predict.

Two Things. Barney
Two things.
No. 1 I have 
unbelievably great relationships
with 97 percent of the
Republican congressmen and senators.
I love them
and they love me.
That's No. 1.

And No. 2
I know more
about the big bills...
than any president that's 
ever been in office.
Whether it's health care
and taxes.
Especially taxes.
And if I didn't
I couldn't have
persuaded a hundred
congressmen to go along
with the bill.
The first bill 
you know,
that was ultimately,

I'll tell you something...
Put me on the defense
I was a great student
and all this stuff.
"Oh, he doesn't know the details"
these are sick people.

But Michael,
I know the details
of taxes
better than anybody.
Better than 
the greatest CPA. 
I know the details
of health care
better than most, 
than most.
And if I didn't
I couldn't have
talked all these people
into doing
only to be 

I've got to stop and catch my breath, I really must. I promise, I won't leave you hanging too long for more. 

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