June 8, 2017

Tidbits and Trivia (v4)

A quick look at some un-fact-checked facts, quotes and trivia:
  • According to a GSS-NORC/University of Chicago poll, 55% of white Republicans say black Americans are stuck in poverty due to a lack of willpower or motivation; 26% of white Democrats agree. 42% of white Republicans, and 24% of white Democrats, believe blacks are inherently lazier than whites
  • Under the failed version of the American Health Care Act, tax cuts to the 400 highest-income taxpayers (averaging about $7,000,000 each) would have saved more than the total Affordable Care Act subsidies to more than 800,000 people in 20 states and Washington DC ($2.8 billion). 
  • According to this article, published in mid-May, pizza franchiser Domino's stock has risen 5000% since 2008, (and more than 2000% since 2008, better than Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook, I read). Better taste, adoption of technology, and franchisee managing seem to be the keys. Domino's delivers more than 1 million pizzas each day.
  • According to this Bloomberg article, many of us are fools for whom parting with money is easy. Check out the opening paragraphs of the article:
"One of the most lavishly funded gadget startups in Silicon Valley last year was Juicero Inc. It makes a juice machine. The product was an unlikely pick for top technology investors, but they were drawn to the idea of an internet-connected device that transforms single-serving packets of chopped fruits and vegetables into a refreshing and healthy beverage. 
Doug Evans, the company's founder, would compare himself with Steve Jobs in his pursuit of juicing perfection. He declared that his juice press wields four tons of force - "enough to lift two Teslas," he said. Google's venture capital arm and other backers poured about $120 million into the startup. Juicero sells the machine for $400, plus the costs of individual juice packs delivered weekly. Tech blogs have dubbed it a "Keurig for juice.""
Sounds good, right? Except that someone figured out that you could squeeze the juice packs with your bare hands and get the same - or even better results - than with the $400 internet-connected product. Another report noted that full refunds are being offered. 

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