June 1, 2017

Syria, Nicaragua, and US?

Late last night, the Tweeter in Chief sent this message out, signaling an end to his game of Will We? Won't We? Stay in the Paris Accord.

Pretty  much everyone thinks we're going to back out of the voluntary agreement, and join only Syria and Nicaragua as non-participants - I haven't seen anything suggesting we're going to stay in, even though Trump "learned a lot" when we met with world leaders on his #MAGAWorldTour.

A bunch of Republican senators -- illustrious leaders all -- sent a letter to the president encouraging him to back out, so that we can grow our economy (see the discussion with Scott Pruitt there) and become so flush with #winning and #jobs and #deregulation that we won't even realize we have #crappyhealthcare and we won't even be able to see all of the #oilrigs and #miningscars in our #NationalParks -- it'll be great! 
We have been encouraged by the steps you have taken to reduce the regulatory burdens facing this country. From your many Executive Orders to the signing of 14 laws rolling back regulations from the previous administration, it is clear that you share our commitment to reducing the regulatory burdens our businesses face in order to create jobs and grow the economy.
One of the most important executive orders you signed is EO 13783 Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth wherein, among other things, you instruct the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to unwind President Obama's Clean Power Plan regulations.
We applaud this objective and encourage you to take every action necessary to ensure it is accomplished.
A key risk to fulfilling this objective is remaining in the Paris Agreement. 
The stated reason? Litigation under the terms of the Paris Agreement could prevent the Trump administration from fulfilling its duty to destroy the environment and obscure our purple mountain majesties and all those amber waves of grain. The hell with the fruited plain too -- that's all out the window.

If all goes according to plan, this afternoon the president will stand in the Rose Garden -- yes, a garden -- likely with the 22 Republicans who sent him that letter - to announce we're joining Syria (an international pariah not allowed to travel because of sanctions, and, you know,  kinda busy with that little war thingy that's been tearing that country apart for the past several years), and Nicaragua (the fourth most at-risk country, which didn't sign on because the Paris Agreement is voluntary, not mandatory) and not participate.

North Korea does. Russia does. China does. Afghanistan does. Libya does. Venezuela does. Japan does. And Germany, Iran and Iraq, Norway and Switzerland and Swaziland and everyone except Syria, Nicaragua, and ...