June 27, 2017

OrangeVerse IX: Emergence

As promised, here's the continuation of free - and competitive - verse from the American Leadership in Emerging Technology Event.
Now Being Cut
Too many years of excessive
 government regulation.  We have had 
regulation that's been so bad,
 so out of line that it's really hurt our country.  
And as you see, on a daily basis 
we're getting rid of regulation.  
In fact, Dodd-Frank is 
now being cut  and cut 
very substantially. 

My administration 
has been laser-focused
 on removing the government 
barriers to job growth 
and prosperity.  
We formed 
a deregulation taskforce inside 
every agency to 
find and eliminate 
wasteful, intrusive, and job-killing 
of which 

America First
We want
our innovators to dream
 big, like the folks around me
and surrounding me
in this room.
 we want
them to create
new companies
and to create
lots of jobs.

Your industry has
 been incredible. Your
representation of your companies
 -- is the reason you're here -- 
has been something
that has created so many
millions of new American jobs
 and probably jobs
 in many other countries, also.
But we're interested
right now
in America first.

thank you all very much
for being
On behalf of myself
and my great 
Vice President
it's been a meeting
that we actually
both looked
very much
to attending.