June 23, 2017

OrangeVerse VIII: Indescribable

Six minutes is a long time, especially when you're the president, you're talking to folks at the American Leadership in Emerging Technology Event, and your son is the expert at cyber in your household.

Here are part of the president's remarks; I'll have more in an upcoming post.

I Know You!
Good morning, everybody, 
Very nice 
to have you here.
It's a great honor. So many of you, 
I recognize
And others I do from reading 
business magazines and other magazines.
You've done well.

I want to thank my Office
of Science and Technology - and
this has been a great office; 
they have
done such incredible work - 

The Hawkeye State
And we just got back
from Iowa last night.
A big speech
in Iowa. 
That was an amazing group
of people. Those people
were excited. 
I guess most people saw it,
but they were excited.

Oh Wilbur
I want to thank Secretary Ross
for joining us today...
Wilbur has done a fantastic job
and I want to thank you
very much for it,
Everybody understands it.
Wilbur, as Jeff - as you know - 
Wilbur is known just as Wilbur
on Wall Street. 
They don't even call him
Wilbur Ross. 
They just say, oh, Wilbur
is involved -- right?
He's done
a great job
Thank you.

And Mr Vice
President, thank you
very much for being here.
We've had some busy schedules
and we have a thing called 
that you might hear
is percolating
in the outside
as we've discussed.

And I think
it's going to come out.
is a disaster; it's 
Totally dead.
And we're putting in a
plan today
that's going 
to be negotiated. 

We'd love to have some
Democrat support but they're
They'll never support.
We won't get one
no matter how
good it is.

But we will
get something done
and it will be
something with
and very meaningful.

It's great to have you here
by the way.
You've done
a great job
I always say
you got a hell of a lot of money
for that sale. 
I don't think
you've been given enough -- 
I mean, I don't think
you were
ever given enough
credit for the deal
you did
for your shareholders.

What a deal that was.

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