June 4, 2017

Sunday School 6/4/2017

6/5/17 Note: the link for the president's artwork has been corrected. 

I really tried to watch the videos of the Sunday news shows, and I really tried to plow through the transcripts, but my heart simply was not in it today.

Maybe it's because I've been reading too much news of the world this past week; I was on vacation, after all.

Maybe it's because I've been spending too much time weeding my garden, and I don't have the energy to pull the weeds out of the comments of the people who defend Trump on the news shows.

Maybe I simply lost interest this week, after all of the absurd tweets sent by #NotNowNotEver #NotMyPresident Trump.

Or maybe, it's just covfefe.

One thing I do know is that, when it comes to school, it's important that we ensure a broad education, including focus on music, physical education, and the arts. So, to that end, instead of links to the news shows, here are links to some other educational videos.

The first is the president enjoying the national anthem at Arlington National Cemetery.

The second is the president enjoying golf, both talking about it, and playing it.

The third is a compilation of the president's artwork, courtesy of the @TrumpDraws Twitter account.

I hope you enjoy these distractions from our usual classroom discussions, and I encourage you to support public education in your school district.

See you around campus.

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