February 5, 2018

OrangeVerse XXVIII: Ohio

The president made a campaign stop today in Ohio, visiting a company that makes cylinder and gave bonuses as a result of the GOP's corporate tax rate cut. The president had fun, I think - and likely so did people watching him, until the live feed got interrupted so that people could speak almost breathlessly about the plummeting stock market for the second trading day in a row. The market is dropping, "they say," because of strong wage growth and a good jobs market, two things that Trump mentioned in Ohio.

And some other stuff - he talked about other stuff too, you just have to pay attention.

I want to thank you all
and I want to thank Jeff Norris
and everyone here at Sheffer Corporation
for hosting us at this
really incredible facility.
We just toured it.
I love equipment.
And I love workers
You have them both. 
But it's really something
Wonderful place.

Here I Am!
I'm here
in the beautiful
I'll tell you, 
you know I was here -
I worked here
for a long time. 
People don't know; 
most people don't know.
Swifton Village
long time ago.
Really? Oh you know Swifton.

Who Knows?
Came here
a long time ago.
I had a great success
with my father. 
I was a young success.
And you know, if I
didn't have a success, 
maybe I would have gone
and just done something else.
Who knows?
But I spend
a lot of time in this state
and  a lot of time
in Cincinnati
and I love it.

Sexy's Coming Back?
And that I really wanted to do
-- and come here
 and give something very big back.
And that's tax cuts,
I signed into law. 
Your paychecks are going way up.
Your taxes are going way down.
And right now,
for the first time
in a long time -
and you've seen it -
factories are coming back.
Everything is coming back.
They all want to be
where the action is. 
America is once
again open for business, 

Friendly (Not Friendly)
But you know, 
you can work hard, 
but if you don't have
the right leader 
setting the right tone - 
in all fairness,
I'm not even saying - 
I am non-braggadocious.
But if I don't 
set a tone like 
"You're not going to keep
taking our jobs."
You are not going
to keep doing what you're doing
And wait until you see
what's happening over the
next two or three months
with what we're doing
to countries that
 have treated us so unfairly.
In many cases so-called
"friendly countries."
I don't call them "friendly."
I don't call them "friendly."
But that's all changing
and those companies
are coming back and
those jobs are coming back.

I think everybody
is going to be supportive.
We need more people that are
going to do a great job
and keep us in the right direction.
You know
we need them
badly too.
Or it all
goes back to
where it was - and worse.
Oh, but did we
catch them in the act, or what?
You know what I'm talking - 
Oh, did we catch them in the act?
They are very embarrassed.
They never thought
they were going
to get caught.
We caught them.
Hey, we caught them
It's so much fun.
We're like the 
great sleuth.

There's more, when I can catch my breath. 

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