February 4, 2018

Ranting and Raving

So, a congressman who was one of the first passengers on the Trump train is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (an accidental oxymoron if ever there was one in this day and age) gets himself all up under the skirt of the Trumpeters, disclosed some classified information (which he got from said Trumpeters) and then whined about ethics charges being filed, so he stepped away from the Russia investigation for months -- months -- even as he proclaimed the charges against him were entirely false and politically motivated, and were being leveled just as the American people are beginning to learn the truth about the improper unmasking of the identities of US citizens and other abuses of power and so he apparently spent his step-aside coming up with new ways to expose one-sided, completely partisan information on behalf of the Trumpeters and their believers on Fox News, and he convinced others of his ilk-manner-stripe-nature to do 'research' on his behalf (which he didn't even read  - it was that important!) and to orchestrate a #hashtagmovement #ReleasetheMemo I think by somehow promising them that while the two-year-long Benghazi investigation really only amounted to that gif of Hillary saying "what difference, at this point - what difference does it make?" this one, boy, when this gets out all hell's going to break loose and dammit, we're gonna GET THEM this time and so they all marched along in step, the ilk did, going down, ever down a slippery slope of attacking the Feebs for an abuse of power, a Hooverian abuse of power, one was led to think, based on the rhetoric and hoopla and certainly you would think so, if you read the unfettered pillow talk texts of the two lovebirds -- yeah,  this is a scoop so big the president would directly pass Go, collect his well-deserved spot on Rushmore, right next to Reagan (what the hell's taking so long for that, anyway?) and not even need to keep that Get Out of Jail Free card he's got stashed in his wallet with the condoms he saves for a stormy day, and for once and FOR ALL those liberal bastards would be DONE and then, well -- then they did actually #ReleasetheMemo, and all those hopes and dreams came crashing down like Humpty Dumpty from a great, big, beautiful transparent border wall (and let me clarify, not 'transparent' like that TV show, for Pete's sake - like the sunlight that Speaker Paul Ryan says is necessary for our democracy), because even General Kelly said the memo wasn't half of what it was cracked up to be, and we know that he's the A-Gamer, the one the #stablegenious relies on for good stuff, and the FBI released a statement, not common for them it seems, to express their collective grave concerns about material omissions which fundamentally impact the accuracy of the darn thing, the precious memo, which not for nothing has done way better than sildenafil citrate could have done to boost the Republican morale in the lead-up to this whole sorry situation, but now after the initial  excitement (especially, I've been told, the Rush Limbaugh live read of the memo), is actually being revealed for what it was: an attempt to free the president to pull off his own #saturdaynightmassacre but he might not be able to do that, because he likes to say "You're Fired!" when intelligence types are, you know, out of town talking to their teams where they find out they got fired by seeing it on TV  and then  they should find their own way back to the swamp to clean out their desks -- so if I were one of those guys, if I were Rosenstein and Wray and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (especially him), I'd sure as shootin' refuse any invitations from the president or any of the Trumpeters, I would say no thank you sir to golf outings, dinners at the Trump Emoluments Hotel or #netflixandchill at Camp David and I'd say no thank you to any requests to testify before the committee run by the ethically challenged Trump loving partisan hack congressman, the chair of the aforementioned oxymoron committee and heck, I might even sleep in my office so the bastages would have to see me in my jammies if they came for me and my team, I think I would do just that --  and let me tell you something else: if I were the democrats on the committee, I assure you the rebuttal memo would be in the hands of the FBI faster than an Exorcist head spin, I'd move on it like a bitch I would, to have it vetted and any potential classified information redacted and then I'd have the memo projected on the side of Trump's hotel like they do when the opportunity is just too good to pass up, and I've have it delivered to  the WaPo (BezosFakeNews) and the Failing NY Times and I'd submit letters to the editor of every newspaper in the Country and tell them in no uncertain terms that the first memo was a load of crap and then we'd have ourselves a good ole, knock down drag out discussion about what our government is really supposed to look like and what our government is really supposed to do and hint hint it's not what they're doing right now - and speaking of right now, I've got some dirty laundry to take care of, and you know, I think that's a pretty darn appropriate place to end this rant

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