September 4, 2017

The Update Desk: It's Bad Out There

When I did the Poll Watch post the other day, there were some questions that were 'embargoed' until further notice.

Fox News has now released the additional details from the poll, including several questions asking how well particular words describe president Trump.  Let's take a look at the questions and some of the more interesting demographics.

  • Presidential: 13% extremely well; 56% not at all. Only 29% of Republicans, 24% of conservatives, 29% of white evangelicals and 30% of Trump voters think this is an apt description.
  • Strong leader: 21% extremely well; 48% not at all. For Republicans (R), conservatives (C), white evangelicals (WE) and Trump voters (TV), the 'extremely well' percentages are 43%, 36%, 43% and 30%., respectively.
  • Moral leader:  14% extremely well, 55% not at all;  30% (R),  24% (C), 30% (WE) and 31% (TV) think this describes him extremely well.
  • Steady leader: 16% extremely well; 53% not at all. 34% (R),  28% (C), 34% (WE) and 35% (TV) put themselves in the 'extremely well' bucket.
Wow. Strong, moral, and steady leader, and never more than 35% of "his" voters think those are really strong descriptions? I thought his fans would rate him higher on these.
  • Competent: 21% extremely well, 45% not at all. Here he does better: for his R, C, WE and TV, the 'extremely well' percentages are 42%, 38%, 40% and 44%, respectively.
  • Knowledgeable: 16% extremely well, 43% not at all. 31% (R), 27% (C), 34% (WE) and 35% (TV).
  • Problem solver: 19% extremely well, 47% not at all. 40% of (R), (WE) and (TV) said 'extremely well', while (C) came in at 35%
  • Everyone thinks 'outsider' is an extremely good description; similarly, everyone agrees he says what he thinks.
Not a lot of surprises in that second grouping. He did well with his natural constituencies on both competence and problem-solving, even though he's yet to solve any significant problems legislatively.

The last couple of questions is where things did get interesting. 

Fully a third of respondents, 33%, thought the word 'unstable' described Trump extremely well; 11% thought it fit him very well, and another 16% thought this described him somewhat. That's 60% -- 60% -- of survey takers who think the president is unstable to some degree
This crosses all demographics: men (57%), women (65%), whites (57%), nonwhites (72%), under 45 years old (56%), 45 and older (56%), incomes less than $50K (62%) and $50K and over (61%). Those are pretty astonishing numbers, don't you think?

Even Republicans (30%), Conservatives (39%) and White Evangelicals (41%) fell in line when all categories - extremely well, very well, and somewhat well - were combined; only Trump voters thought this was less true, with a 23% combined score. 

The last question asked how well the word 'bully' described the president. 39% thought this fit him extremely well; 14% thought it fit him very well, and 20% thought it fit him somewhat well, for a total of 73%.  That's right -- 73% of those surveyed in a Fox News poll think the president is a bully. And that includes a majority of Republicans (51%), conservatives (56%), and white evangelicals (59%) believe this is true. Even 44% of Trump voters find this to be true. 

So, let's recap: our president is an unstable, mildly competent, somewhat knowledgeable iffy problem-solving bully, whose leadership style is not strong, steady, moral or presidential.

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