September 17, 2017

Sunday School 9/17/17

So, let's do a quick run through the halls and see what was on tap in the classrooms today.

First up: NBC's Meet the Press where Chuck Todd entertained Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, and they spoke about immigration, Trump dealing with Democrats, Cotton working with Mitch McConnell, and Cotton serving with a transgender soldier.  

The highlight for me from this section? When Cotton said Trump didn't have a leadership problem, he had a membership problem. 

Vermont Senator "I'll Become a Democrat When I'm Good and Ready to Become One and Not a Minute Sooner" Bernie Sanders was also on the show, talking about Medicare for all, single-payer healthcare, cutting costs, replacing private insurance premiums with Medicare premiums, and saving 10- 16% in admin costs; and about how much he helped Hillary Clinton after she beat him in the primaries. 

The Bernie highlight was when he basically said if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. I kid you not. 

On  ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, George talked in a taped interview with British Prime Minister Teresa May about the bombing in the Parsons Green station, president Trump's unhelpful tweets about the incident, and about her upcoming visit to the UN where she'll talk about how terrorists use the Internet not only for planning but for spreading extremism.

HR McMaster, Trump's National Security Advisor, joined Stephanopoulos and talked about the travel ban, and how that's a good way to keep bad people out and the possibility that we'll see a stronger travel ban here in the States. And they discussed Trump's upcoming address during UN Week, and his prior comments about the UN not being a friend of the United States. McMaster said Trump would address the need for reform, otherwise the UN can't be effective. Extra popcorn for that speech has been ordered. 

Adam Schiff, the California Democrat, also joined. The highlight of his comments came after viewing the gif of Trump hitting a golf ball which then supposedly hits Hillary Clinton in the back, causing her to fall down. Schiff noted, in response to the question on whether the retweet may have impacted the perception of Trump's outreach to Democrats (a dumb question, I thought), Schiff answered generally that there was no reason to think that Trump's outreach was anything other than "purely transactional" and that Trump is a man free of ideology. For me, that's the high point of This Week.

There was more on the other networks, but this was enough for me. See you around campus.

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