September 19, 2017

OrangeVerse XVI: So-So-Sovereign

The president spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nations today. Poetry abounded.

First, America First
the United States has
done very well since Election Day last
November 8th.
The stock market
is at an all time high - a record
Unemployment is at its
lowest level in
16 years and
because of our
regulatory and other
reforms, we have more 
people working in 
the United States today
than ever before.
Companies are
moving back, creating
job growth the likes of which
our country
has not seen
in a very
long time.

What time is it?
To put it 
simply we meet
at a time
of both immense
promise and great
peril it is
entirely up 
to us whether
we lift
the word to new
heights or let
it fall into a
of disrepair.
We have it 
in our power
should we choose, to
lift millions
from poverty to help
our citizens realize
their dreams and
to ensure new generations
of children are raised free
from violence

For the
diverse nations of
the world 
is our hope:
We want harmony
and friendship
not conflict
and strife.
We are
guided by 
outcomes not ideology.
We have a policy 
of principled
rooted in shared 
goals interests
and values.

their sovereignty
peace, sovereignty, security
their sovereignty
core sovereign duties
other sovereign nation
strong, sovereign nations
strong, sovereign nations
strong, sovereign nations
people are sovereign
of sovereignty. Our
be sovereign
the sovereignty
our sovereign duties
threats to sovereignty
the sovereign rights
the sovereign rights
to sovereignty, security
respect for sovereignty
strong, sovereign and
their sovereignty
of sovereignty, security and
prosperity for all.

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