July 19, 2017

Wondering on Wednesday (v96)

Remember all those times president Trump told us we needed to come together?  

Here's one example, from his victory speech back in November:
Now it's time for America to bind the wounds of division - have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one unified people.
I've heard similar from friends, acquaintances, and total strangers on social media posts, typically including sentences referencing one or more of these sentiments:
We need to come together behind the president... Whether he was our guy or not, we need to get behind him and support him... We need to put aside our differences for the good of the country... He wants to unify everyone... Stop being so divisive... Everyone will be fine, no one has anything to fear... We need to unify...
Personally, I haven't seen a lot from the president or any of his supporters that shows he's really trying to bring us together. Do you wonder, is it my dislike for him that prevents me from seeing it, or is it really that he's not showing it?

I mean, take a look at proclamations he made just for the month of June.

There was the announcement of National Homeownership Month:
...I am committed to helping hard-working Americans become homeowners. As part of my administration's plan to strengthen the middle class and the American housing marker, I am working with Congress on a pro-growth agenda of reducing rules and regulations, cutting taxes, and eliminating unnecessary government spending. These policies will unshackle our economy and create and sustain high-paying jobs so that more Americans have the resources and freedom they deserve to fulfill their American Dream.

And there was the announcement of National Ocean Month:
...Thirty-four years ago, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the creation of the US Exclusive Economic Zone, making clear America's sovereign right to explore, exploit, conserve and manage ocean resources extending 200 nautical miles from our shores. This is the world's largest Exclusive Economic Zone, spanning more than 3.r million square nautical miles, an area larger than the combined landmass of all 50 states. We must recognize the importance of our offshore areas to our security and economic independence, all the while protecting the marine environment for present and future generations.
 And there was National African-American Music Appreciation Month:
...The contributions of (Chuck) Berry, (Dizzie) Gillespie, (Ella) Fitzgerald, and other African-American musicians shine as examples of how music can bring us together. These musicians also remind us of our humanity and our power to overcome. They expressed the soul of blues, gospel and rock and roll, which has so often captured the hardships of racism and injustices suffered by African Americans, as well as daily joys and celebrations. Their work highlights the power music has to channel the human experience, and they remain a testament to the resilience of all freedom-loving people. We are grateful for their contributions to the canon of great American art. 
There was National Caribbean-American Heritage Month:
...Throughout our history, Caribbean Americans have helped create and maintain the strength and independence of our Nation. Alexander Hamilton, who came from poverty in Nevis, was a key contributor to our Constitution and the first Secretary of the Treasury, helping to establish our modern financial system and to create the United States Coast Guard.  Every day, Caribbean Americans help make America more prosperous and secure. Our Nation is particularly grateful to the many Caribbean Americans who have served and are currently serving in our Armed Forces. Today, more than four million Caribbean Americans live in the United State and contribute to a vibrant culture that enriches our Nation.
Finally, there was Great Outdoors Month:
...Whether your great outdoors means a community park, a state reservoir, a national forest, or a backyard campout, we must cherish our outdoor spaces and work to preserve them for generations. This is why, as president, I am working to bring leaders throughout the country together to improve management of our vitally important public lands, especially through public-private partnerships to help clear the backlog of deferred maintenance. 
Presumably, the proclamations he made were worthy, even for a president who seems dead-set on tapping "public-private partnerships" to get every last drop of oil, fume of natural gas, and ounce of minerals out of our public lands, both onshore and off.

But I wonder, how is he bringing everyone together, when he told us how he'd be "better for the gays" and then ignores Pride Month?

And I wonder, how is he bringing us together, and honoring the heritage of African Americans "more and more" by refusing to speak to the NAACP again this year?

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