July 2, 2017

OrangeVerse X: To Infinity + Beyond (part 1)

On Friday, the president signed another Executive Order, his 39th if my count is correct.

We are reminded that he was not going to do all that many of these, but it does get him in front of the cameras, and there's nowhere else he'd rather be. It gets Mike Pence in front of cameras, too -- since he's the Introducer-in-Chief, and, not for nothing, it gives the @TrumpDraws Twitter account something to do. Let's look in on the festivities.

Open Wide
The future of
American space leadership
we're going to lead
again. It's been 
a long time. 
It's over
25 years
and we're opening up
and we are going to be
leading again like
we've never led before. 
Frontierus Interruptus
We are a nation
of pioneers and the next
great American frontier is space.
And we never completed
-- we started but we never completed. 
We stopped.
But now we start again.
And we have
tremendous spirit and
we're going to have tremendous spirit
from the private sector--
maybe in particular
from the private sector.

Oh Look, There's Wilbur
We're also joined
by our great Secretary of Commerce
Wilbur Ross.
who spent the morning
trade deals with South Korea.
And I think
we're going to make a 
good deal
I think so.
That's what the
word is. 
And good for both 
National Space Council
Today we're taking
a crucial step
to secure America's future
in space
by reviving the
National Space Council
after it was - has been
almost 25 years
if you can believe it.
The Pence Promise
Vice President Pence promised
that our administration -
because Mike is very into space
would revive the National Space Council... 
we're keeping that promise. 

Feel very strongly
about it. I've felt
strongly about it for 
a long time.
I used to say
before doing what I did -
I used to say
what happened?

Why aren't we moving

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