July 4, 2017

OrangeVerse XI: To Infinity + Beyond (part 2)

Picking up where we left off on our new space program Executive Order.

Our vice president cares
very deeply about space policy and
for good reason - space
exploration is not only 
essential to our character
as a nation
but our economy
and our great
nation's security.
  Without Space?
Our travels beyond the Earth
propel scientific discoveries that
improve our lives
in countless ways here
right here at home
powering vast new industry 
spurring incredible new technology
providing the space security 
we need to protect
the American people.
And security is going to be a very big factor
with respect to space
and space exploration. At some point
in the future we're going
to look back and say
how did we do it 
without space?
Private People
The council will 
also draw the expertise
of other White House offices
as well as insights from
and business leaders...
Many business leaders
that want to
be a part of this.
I think the privatization of certain
aspects is going to play
a very crucial role,
don't you think?
And the Vice President, 
and a few others
are going to pick some
private people
to be on the board.
I will say 
that's not easy
because everybody wants
to be on this board.
People you wouldn't have believed
loved what we're doing
so much they want to

The human soul
for discovery...
Our journey into space
will not only make us 
and more prosperous
but will unite us
behind grand ambitions
and bring us
all closer together.
Wouldn't that
be nice?
Can you believe
that space
is going to do that?

America will 
think big
once again.
Important Words;
Think Big.
We haven't been thinking
so big for along time
but we're 
thinking big again
as a country.
We will inspire millions 
of children to carry
on this proud tradition
of American space leadership 
- and they're excited...
we are now going to sign
an executive order...
And people are very 
excited... and 
I can tell you
I'm very excited
about it. 

Buzz Aldrin
(Infinity -  and beyond!)
This is infinity here.
It could be infinity
We don't
really know.
But it could be.
It has to be something
but it could be