November 27, 2016

Sidebar: Trump in Transition (v3)

In my earlier post on Donald Trump's playing of the woman card not once (Nikki Haley), not twice (Betsy DeVos) but three times (KT McFarland), I left out one of the more interesting pieces of news associated with the announcement of DeVos for Secretary of Education: she was not Trump's first choice, if we are to believe what we see.

That's right: the billionairess charter school supporter was no better than number two no the list, at least according to Jerry Falwell, Jr.  In fact, he tells us, he was number one on the list, but turned the job down.

I gotta tell you, I love someone who humble brags about turning down a Cabinet Apprentice position. How awesome it is to be able to tell everyone, after the public announcement of the winning finalist (Trump's word, not mine)  that you were offered the position but said no to your POTUS-elect and to your country!  How glorious it must be to say "no, I'm needed more someplace else!"

Here's Falwell's story, to which he appears to be sticking:
Falwell tells the Associated Press that Trump offered him the job last week during a meeting in New York. He says Trump wanted a four- to six-year commitment, but that he couldn't leave Liberty for more than two years. Falwell says he couldn't afford to work at a Cabinet level job for longer than that and didn't want to move his family, especially his 16-year old daughter.
Jerry Falwell Jr photo
Falwell earlier told the AP he had met with Trump, that they discussed the Department of Education, and that he would "definitely play a role" in the administration.  Now that he's turned Trump down - and told us he did, I'm not sure whether there will be a role for him or not.

If not, he got his money shot with Trump back in June, so he might be all set. I mean, who wouldn't want to hang this picture on their office wall?  You, your spouse, and the then presumptive Republican nominee - what a great picture!

Except for the Playboy magazine over your wife's shoulder, when you're the head of the world's largest Christian university.

Except that you're standing with a man who has been married three times, and who bragged about groping women against their will.

And, speaking of narcissism, what's up with hanging all of the magazine articles so close to the floor? I thought you were supposed to hang them at eye level?

Or, are they?

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