November 5, 2016

OrangeVerse I: The Poetry of Donald Trump

It's been quite a while since I've done any poetry posts.

Previously, I've honored Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, even Kanye West and Barbara Bush. I hope it's not too late to bring you some of the poetry of the Republican standard-bearer.

I wish
these very dishonest people
would spin those cameras
to show the crowd
and enthusiasm.

They never do.

You know what they see.
You go home?
You know what you see?
My face.
The whole time.

Even I don't want to watch it.

This Instrument
I believe in fighting back
when people are against me
when they tell lies.
You know.

I have
the power
of this instrument
sometimes -
I'll use that.

I agree,
it will revert back

Or sometimes, maybe
it doesn't come out -
you have to be careful
with it.