November 13, 2016

OrangeVerse II: Victory

I. It's Complicated
 Sorry to keep you waiting; complicated business; 

Thank you very much.
I’ve just received a call from Secretary Clinton.

She congratulated us — 
it’s about us — 
on our victory, and I congratulated her and her family
on a very, very hard-fought campaign. 

I mean, she — 
she fought 
very hard.

II. It's Time
Now it’s time for America 
to bind the wounds of division; 
(have to get together.)

To all Republicans
and Democrats 
and independents
across this nation, 

I say it is time for us 
to come together 
as one united people.

(It’s time.) 

III. It's a Beautiful Thing
I’ve spent my entire 
life and business looking
at the untapped potential in projects
and in people all 
over the world. 
That is now what I want 
to do for our country.

(Tremendous potential.) 
I’ve gotten to
know our country so 
well — tremendous potential. 

It’s going to be a beautiful thing.

IV. It's About Rudy
We have got — we have got 
tremendously talented people up here. 
And I want to tell you, it’s been — 
it’s been very, very special.

I want 
to give a very special
thanks to our former mayor, Rudy Giuliani.


He traveled with us and 
he went through meetings. 
That Rudy 
never changes. 

Where’s Rudy? 
Where is he? 

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