November 21, 2012

A Baker's Dozen

In no particular order, thirteen things I'm thankful for:

Endless reasons for laughing. I find when I take two chuckles and giggle in the morning, I have a much better day than I might otherwise.
 A job I find very satisfying, even when it boggles my mind. Most days come with challenges, which is a good thing; so far they've not been insurmountable, which is a better thing.
Readers of veritable pastiche, the people who willingly put their time into my effort.  
Rejuvenation, in all its forms: friends, family, vacations, our garden, my camera...There are few things that help me move forward more than taking a few steps back, or sideways, and coming back with a fresh perspective.
Patrick, My Sweet Baboo. After ten years, he continues to have an immeasurable impact on my life.
Knowing that people who knew my Dad well hear his voice in my writing.
Having the wherewithal to support organizations that help make a difference in other people’s lives.
The next generation. They have their own challenges, but I enjoy watching them work to figure things out.
Good health, and good health insurance.
My Mom, an amazing woman who inspires others to be amazing. No matter what gets thrown in her path, she gracefully finds a way to stay on track.
Living in Central New York. There are many worse places to be, and likely some better, but none that I’ve found compelling enough to inspire me to move.
Having a say, and having choices, things I sometimes take for granted. Whether by fate or by design, for many folks these would be considered luxuries. 
Connections. Regardless of how they’re made - in person, on the phone, via social media - or their frequency, I'm grateful to have them.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Bakers Dozen ...Plus 1, er 3... "KITTIES"... Have a Great Holiday Sue!!