November 2, 2012

Please Don't Take My Vote for Granted

If you are a Democrat running for office, and your district includes my little slice of heaven in Syracuse NY, please don't take my vote for granted.

Obviously we have a tough race at the top of the ticket this year, and I've talked enough about the messy race that's happening in my district, NY's newly created 24th, but there are other races on the ballot next Tuesday, for positions in Albany, Onondaga County and the city of Syracuse as well. If you had been picking up my mail in the past month or so, or hanging out on my fronch porch, you'd never know we were in the thick of election season. I've been basically ignored by all but a couple of people who running for office.

Here are some illustrations:
  • I've received more mail since September from Habitat for Humanity, the Heifer Project, and the ASPCA -  several from each -  than I have from all of the candidates, at every level, combined. 
  • I've received more offers for life insurance and long term care insurance from AARP - close to a dozen, I think -  than I have solicitations from candidates.
  • I've had more knocks on the door from neighbors looking for lost pets  - two - than I've had from politicians looking for my vote; that would be none.
  • I've answered three telephone surveys in the past four days - but have not received a single call from a candidate since the general election season began.
  • I've been invited to more town halls than Dan Maffei -- and have probably attended more of them than he has.
Compare this to the daily pile of mail that My Sweet Baboo receives; as a registered Independent, he's apparently a much more appetizing target. He's gotten several lovely pieces from Ann Marie Buerkle, from candidates for the State Assembly and a handful of the local races.  Neither of us recall seeing anything for him from Maffei, which is surprising given how close that race is.  

So I have to ask you, Dan Maffei and the rest of the Dems, are you all really so confident I'm in your corner that you won't even ask me for your vote?


  1. Frankly, I dislike the costly politcal direct mail pieces. But you make a great point.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I agree the mailings aren't worth the cost of printing them, and would really rather not be flooded with them, but shame on any politician who assumes a party line vote will occur. They're either doing that, or they're reading vp and have decided I'm a lost cause!