March 20, 2019

Wondering on Wednesday (v168)

Wednesday again, already?  Well, alrighty then, let's dive right in!

How does one do anything but wonder, I wonder, at why the sitting president of the United States is devoting so much of his time to lambasting a deceased war hero and public servant? I mean, who does that? There's attacking someone when they're down, but attacking someone when they're dead and buried, someone celebrated for both his public service and his patriotism, and a former POW to boot? What is wrong with someone who devotes that much time to something so petty?

And as I write this, a report came across my news feed that Trump spent five full minutes talking about McCain at an official White House event today celebrating manufacturing. There's something really wrong about that, no wondering needed.

In the same vein, how does someone who was the best friend of the deceased war hero, who by his own admission was nothing without his friend - how does Lindsey Graham sleep at night, or look in the mirror, or leave his house, given that he continues to prop up Trump at every turn, leaving his best friend behind on the battlefield? I honestly don't know how he lives with himself.

I wonder if  anyone else remembers when the American president would not meet with Israel's embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the latter's campaign for re-election? Well, here we are again, with Netanyahu again facing a difficult election, and also facing indictment for bribery and other charges, but instead of the American president not interfering, the two men are going to spend a lot of time together.  I'm not sure that's a good thing, even if it is an ally - and I of course don't trust the president's motives - is this about America and Israel, or is it about Trump and his wooing of Jews away from the Democratic Party, I wonder.

What else is wonder-worthy tonight?

What must it be like, I wonder, at the dinner table of George "Honey, your boss has a mental defect" and Kellyanne "Honestly, it's fine, dear" Conway?

You see, George has long been a Twitter critic of the president and the two are engaged in a battle, with Conway going so far as to tweet the diagnostic characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder and (eventually) telling Trump he was basically proving his point.

I'm sure Kellyanne, who has defended her boss in public, privately considers either her husband's tweets or her boss's tweets to be #alternativefacts - I just wonder which.

What else do we have to wonder about? Well, there's Boeing, of course. The president interjected himself into the issue of whether the company's 737 Max 8 and Max 9 jest should be grounded, even as that role would traditionally fall to the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA had been saying that there was no reason to ground the jets, even after the second fatal accident in only a few short months.

Then we learn from Sully Sullenberger (the Miracle on the Hudson pilot)  that the FAA has apparently farmed out some of its safety certification to Boeing to perform, because the agency has long been underfunded. And that causes a conflict of interest, to say nothing of inappropriate oversight. You know - the potential for the fox to say the hen house is perfectly safe.  Now, I'm not slamming Boeing -- that's something better left to the president - but it does put the company, and it could put the country -  at risk if someone decides to, I don't know, sue the FAA or the US government or something for not ensuring the  popular planes are safe.

And I wonder as we move further and further away from regulations that are meant to protect us from ourselves, or from bad companies pretending to do good, or from good companies trying not to do bad, if any of our oversight agencies will have the funding they need to do their jobs. Where regulations are not necessary, and oversight must be accomplished with the utmost speed to allow for 'progress,' where does safety fall? We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

What are you wondering about tonight?

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